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Zeepad 7.0 Android Tablet

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If you want cheap its cheap but its slow.


I'm giving this tablet a 6 because I got what I paid for. I was looking for a very low priced tablet to replace another more obsolete one. When I got it came well packaged in a box with generic labeling and a very simple instruction manual. It also came with ear buds, a wall charger and a computer cable. I like that it charges fast and that it holds a charge for quite awhile. The sound quality of the internal speaker is decent and the ear buds speakers have a decent quality sound as well. The appearance with the unit turned off is nice. Its very slim for the price and the screen isn't really shiny like an earlier tablet I had and seems to absorb glare well. It has an Android 4.1 operating system which is decent though I prefer windows 7 or 8. The fact that it has an Android OS means you have access to a lot of apps. Generally the PC part of it works well as does the internet browser and social media apps. I use it a lot for Pandora which works really well with it. This all sounds good doesn't it. Now here's why I rated it a 6. It has a pretty low memory which can be expanded with a micro SD card. If you are playing a video game it gets played in slow motion which can be great for the games that need precision timing though that would be cheating. The Video is a pain as it is constantly buffering as its slow to download and play. It is wi/fi only also with no 3G or 4G capability. Battery Life It seems to go a long while without having to charge it. Processing Speed It seems to be very slow especially with larger programs. Weight I doesn't feel heavy at all. It feels comfortable. I don't get hand fatigue holding it. App Availability Its an Android so it has access to ton's off apps. Design Everything is convenient and portable. a better charger port would be nice. Durability It seems very strong though I haven't dropped it yet and did purchase screen protectors and a case for it.

Warren, MI


Zeepad 7.0 Android Tablet

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