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Zarafina Tea Maker

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Ridiculous novelty idea


While it does brew a really nice cup (or should I say, pot) of tea (it tastes great) it's really a ridiculous idea just for tea! We bought this for our son and new wife as a house warming gift since they' LOVE tea. We've been over their house numerous times, and when my daughter in law showed us how complicated the tea making process was (and how many parts this little machine has) I was overwhelmed. However, now that she's used to it, they still use it more than once a day and love the taste the tea it makes. Performance It makes a wonderful pot of tea, but it does require putting a lot of parts together, measuring, and knowing what you're doing and using the right amount of loose tea. Safety Hot water is hot water. You can get burned. But if you have things lined up okay, you should be fine. Ease of Cleaning LOTS of parts to clean on this item. A tea press would probably be a bit easier. Durability Is lasting up to two uses per day for more than six months already. Design Silly concept having so many parts just to brew a good cup of tea (which is does). Great idea. Ridiculous design. Good outcome.



This product does it all from loose leaf tea to tea bags.


I love the versatility of the tea make and the price was good too. This tea maker can do loose leaf tea and tea bag which is great(it has a separate setting for each too which is important). It also has setting for the type of tea you are brewing since different tea leaves need different temperatures and brew time so the flavor is at its best. Since it brews loose leaf tea I can blend my own flavor with ease. You put the loose tea leaves in a basket that is roomy enough that you don't make a mess trying to put the leave in a small basket, yet it is not too large. The tea leaf basket is fine enough that you don't get loose tea in your fresh brewed cup of tea. Performance I have had this for about 1 1/2 years and works fine every time. Safety This product brews the tea into a tea pot and then, automatically turns its self off when finished brewing,which is a great safety feature. Ease of Cleaning the tea basket comes out for easy cleaning. Design It works efficiently and looks stylish at the same time.

Hollywood, FL


To really enjoy the flavor of tea, try the Zarafina Tea maker


     I am an anomaly in that I live in the Seattle area but I can't stand the taste of coffee.  It actually turns my stomache.  Yet at the same time, I am a caffeine addict.  My drug of choice is tea and I have always been really picky about my teas.   Different types of teas require different tempatures and brewing times.  To try to brew a good pot of tea with just an electric kettle is almost impossible,.  Brewing coffee is a snap in comparision.      In steps the Zarafina.  You just add the loose tea or tea bags, add the water and select the type of tea and brewing strength.  In three to seven minutes you will have the perfect cup of tea.  Until I tasted my first cup brewed by my Zarafina, I didn't realize just how badly I had been abusing my tea.       Now I don't want to give the impression that Zarafina is the best thing since sliced bread.  There are some design flaws that I would love to see corrected.  The biggest one in my mind is the fact that it only brews a small amount.  Not quite enough to fill up one of my tea mugs.  Yet the manufactorer seems to think that the amount is enough for two cups.  Maybe tiny little tea cups.  But I like my tea large.  The other design flaw is the fact that there is no warmer to keep the tea in the pot warm.  Hmmm.... Maybe that is why it brews so little at a time.  

Tacoma, WA


Zarafina Tea Maker

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