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Zapp! Gum

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Zapp Gum


  It's okay.  Big plusses are that it doesn't contain aspartame or succlarose.  Xylitol was what I was looking for.  The gum is a decent flavor.  I find that if I chew 2 at a time, I get a better amount to chew.  I've also heard that Spry gum is good.  I will try that one next and then decide which to reorder.  Thank goodness there are alternatives to aspartame.

Simi Valley, CA


great taste, bad price


the product was ok but the customer service sucked. the product works out to 49.99 a box which includes 2 little boxes with 12 packs in each. watch for the sample they give you 7 days to try it if you dont contact them by the 6 day you will end up eating the next box which is non returnable since most likely they will send you past dated product. I made many calls and was told everything was taken care of . In the end i was out 49.99 and basically paid that for 24 (12 pc) packs. It was not worth it in any ways especially directions state chew 5-6 peices at a time 2 to 3 times a day. Be wary and stay away.

Medford, OR


Zapp! Gum

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