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Zap Professional Porcelain, Fiberglass, Tile & Grout Restorer

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Used it on an antique brass bed that I hadn't polished in 25 years because Brasso was such a pain. I tested on the bottom first. All I had to do was wipe it on and decades of tarnish came off. The bed looks almost like it did 125 years ago. Did absolutely no damage. I would recommend gloves. I was fine without them but others might not be. I have since used it to polish all the brass in the house. Awesome!!!


Greenville, SC


don't wast your money


tried to use on fiberglass shower.. DID NOTHING TO CALICUM BUILD UP


bisbee az


Don't work as said ...


I was specting a product tha works like was promoted but in the first tries do nothing a all ..only a strong odor ..




This product really works great!!!!!


I have an old bathtub that the glaze has worn in many areas and was totally awful to look at. It was so bad, I refused to take a bathtub bath. I have tried every cleaner out there. Bleach. CLR, Lysol Bathroom cleaner, clorox clean up just to name a few. None of them touched the problem. I was at my wits end and saw the Zap commercial. I thought it couldn't hurt even though I was skeptical. I received it and used it right away. It truly works. My tub is white again and so are my shower walls. It does take a little effort, but it was absolutely worth it. I would definitely order it again.


West Carrollton, Ohio


Not worth the price


Zap was just "OK". Nothing special. Have had better success with standard bathroom cleaners. It didn't clean the grout well at all ( and that was at full strength). Smells pretty good though , not real harsh. Requires a lot of scrubbing. Won't be wasting my money on it again. Not worth the price for a basic cleaning product.


Odenton Md


Don't waste your time or money


We wanted to spruce up a fiberglass shower pan and a bathtub. We followed the directions to the letter and it improved absolutely nothing. All it did was let me inhale the horrible fumes and let me hurt my back be getting on my hands and knees to try to scrub the bath and shower. The claims by the manufacturer are total bulls___t! I'm convinced company employees wrote those 5 star reviews on line. I will never buy anything from this company again. What a load of cr_p!!!


Falls church, Va


One of the best professional bathroom cleaner I have used.


About seven years ago my husband and I were hired to manage a campground that had become below standard for the franchise it belonged to. There were many improvements that were needed. As campers ourselves, we recognized one of the top priority items that needed immediate improvement. The filthy dirty and malfunctioning bath house and restrooms. As important as these areas are to campers we knew that repairing plumbing that had been ignored and cleaning the floors, walls, counters and fixtures would be a huge accomplishment. We had various types of materials in these restrooms and bath houses. Ceramic tile walls, terrazzo floors, fiberglass shower stalls, dividers, counter tops, and porcelain sinks and toilets. Having never had the need to clean professionally to the needs of paying customers we turned to ZAP Professional Fiberglass, Tile and Grout Restorer for help after researching different products online. We purchased both the 32oz spray bottles and the gallon refills. Because it was used full-strength I wore gloves and keep the ventilation fans running when using it. It claimed not to have harsh chemicals, but I preferred to stay on the cautious side. Cleaning was done by spraying the product onto the surface, letting it sit and penetrate the dirt for a few minutes, then wiping and/or scrubbing with a sponge, nylon scrubbing pad, or a brush (using caution not to scratch the surface with the cleaning tool you choose) then rinsing with clean water. It took some hard work and we had to clean and re-clean, but when we started to see the sparkle and shine back on the various surfaces we were both thrilled and amazed. With daily cleanings following the initial down and dirty job of restoring those restrooms and bath houses to a clean state, we smiled with accomplishment as we received compliments from customers on the cleanliness of our facilities. Performance I was very pleased with the performance of this product. We put it to the test with a couple of filthy public restrooms that had been left in a filthy state for way too long. When done we were very impressed with the cleaning that was achieved. Scent Like most cleaners, the scent is not unbearable but still smell like cleaner. It is a fresh scent that smells clean.




Zap Tile & Grout Restorer works wonders for me!


Our area has hard water so the calcium, lime and rust stains form quickly in my toilets, shower and sinks and Zap is the only product which works for me. Like most normal (lol) people I hate cleaning so the faster and easier that I can get it done the better!! With the Zap I spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes and in most cases a simple wipe with a sponge and a spray with water and the grout comes out white, the tile is sparkling and the porcelain is clean. It blows away any other shower or grout cleaner (orange glo, simple green, tilex etc.) that I've found or tried plus they have some other cleaning products which also work great.


Scottsdale, AZ


Zap Professional Porcelain, Fiberglass, Tile & Grout Restorer

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