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ZZZ Mother's Special Blend skin toning oil

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Mother's Special Blend is amazing!


I purchased this product on recommendation of a friend, and I am so glad that I did! I am currently only 14 weeks pregnant, and not really showing yet, but still love the feel and moisture that I get from this toning oil. My friend, who is 12 weeks more pregnant than I (so currently 26 weeks), has also loved this product and feels it has significantly reduced the number of stretch marks she has gotten in this pregnancy from the last. Besides the pregnancy benefits I like how absorbing it is, and feel that in time it absorbs even better than it did at first. I also enjoy the smell, although would describe it as more "nutty" or almondy than coca-ey like the packaging describes. I'd recommend this to anyone!


Provo, UT


Absolutely love this stuff!!


I was using Bio Oil in the beginning of my pregnancy as a method to avoid stretch marks, and as a member of a pregnant women's forum I happened to hear about Mother's Special Blend.  One of the other mother's mentioned how she had been using the oil with success, and it was cheaper than Bio Oil.  Naturally, I tried to check reviews online but there was little available except what was on the website, and a clip from a Rachel Ray show.  After seeing the price, I decided to take the plunge. No regrets!  The bottles I received are big and well-packaged, and per instructions I use it all over my thighs, hips, buttocks and belly (Bio Oil is still in play for my breasts).  I do each body part slowly as a little calming massage after showers (morning and night) and the cocoa scent others may regard as strong hasn't bothered me in the least.  It can be a little oily at times, but if you remember to shake it well before each application and rub it into your skin, you won't have any problems.  I always wander around in my bathrobe for a few minutes (about 5) before getting dressed so I never have an issue with it transferring to my clothes and staining.  At 28 weeks, my belly never really itches and I don't have a single stretch mark anywhere!  I would sooo recommend this to pregnant women!!! Disclaimer - I know what people say about genetics causing stretch marks.  All I'm going to say is that my mother, sisters and aunt all have the "badges of motherhood", I don't and hopefully I get to stay exempt til the very end!!!!   ETA pic and to say I'm now 38 wks and 4 days with not a stretch mark in sight :-)


Wilmington, DE


ZZZ Mother's Special Blend skin toning oil

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