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Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme

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seduction in a bottle


Ok, where do I start with this one? When this was first released in 2009, I was looking for a new fragrance. The sales woman recommended this to me, and it was love at first sniff. The opens up with a slightly powdery woody scent, that many people say is a little feminine, and I can agree, but this is still definitely a man's scent. You will not be disappointed with this one, and will always get compliments.




YSL makes a decent enough cologne


Having read the other reviews written for this cologne on this, as well as on other sites, I must say that I am disappointed in the olfactory abilities of the public in general. This cologne, as well as most others reviewed on this site, is heralded as the greatest since the beginning of time. That if you spray yourself with even the slightest amount of Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme, or many of the other average, middling colognes, that you will be thrust upon a stage for the sole purpose of having a gaggle of women hastily hurl their undergarments at you. That leggy, naughty supermodels will fight each other for the right to be used by you. This is not that cologne. The axe effect doesn't exist while wearing this cologne. If you expect something like this you will surely be disappointed. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself something better if you need something that will impress. However, if you want something that smells nice in of itself, this is for you.


Chicago, IL




If you like Burberry Brit, Fuel for Life by Diesel, or Le Male, this may be something may like. Its very similar to Burberry Brit in that you get that vibe of powdery muffled aroma.  I find La Nuit to be better of those all, its more long lasting, seems more sharper atleast in the top notes and beginning mid notes.  Very pleasant and not over powering.  The projection is good and its not going to project across 10 feet but people around you will notice it.  I would suggest no more than 4 sprays of this as it may get a little bit too much.  Its perfect for nights out, going to lunch, clubbing, or/and spending time with your significant other.  This is very good quality stuff and I plan on getting another bottle once its finished.  If you're finishing up your Burberry Brit and thinking of getting another one consider this one, this one is more refined and better.  


Brooklyn, NY


Yves Saint Laurent is Professional and Fun


My wife bought me this Yves Saint Laurent fragrance for my birthday, and I have really enjoyed it ever since.  It is powerful enough that only a few sprays will last the entire day, which means it will last a really long time, and since value is a big deal for me I was really impressed by this.  That said, it is not an overwhelming scent that makes people's heads turn when you walk by them, so I find I can wear it to school or to work, and it is professional enough to not make anyone else sick. This also makes it so it is not a seasonal cologne, and can be worn yearround. I also really like the bottle it comes in, as it is sturdy and not likely to break, making it so I can pack it easily when I travel and I don't have to worry about it breaking in my suitcase, something that is important as I travel a fair amount. Overall it is a great scent to wear both during the day at work, and for evenings out, and since it lasts a long time the value is great.


Highland, UT


This WAS supposed to be a gift but.........!


For me in the fragrance world it's hard to outdo an original. Some scents stand alone and don't need to be updated in any way. Some manage to hit the mark just shy of standing next to the original. Then there is a case like this were the original is trumped by the new updated kid on the block. *La Nuit De L'Homme*** **is the sharp and handsome revision of YSL's** ***L'Homme*** **and takes the original to even greater heights. With notes of Cardamom, Cedar, and Coumarin added to the mix this scent, which was to be a birthday gift, has become my "spread the word fragrance" favorite of the moment. Words like bold, fresh, and handsomely sweet comes to mind when trying describe the feel of this fragrance....one that is certain to make you stand up and take.....NOTE!


Washington, DC


Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme

4.8 5