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Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher Traditions de Hammom Oriental Skin Scrub with Argan Oil

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Like a real spa treatment!


Yves Rocher Tradition de Hammam collection is absolutely divine and I highly recommend it. I have used the oil, the soap, as well as this scrub. I love them all. This scrub has a wonderful scent and an equally wonderful texture: it is not too harsh and a bit softer on your skin than most scrubs, because it use Moroccan clay, which tends to be finer in texture. It goes on very easily on your wet skin while in the shower, and provides a very pleasant sensation, by exfoliating dead skin and rejuvenating your skin. It will leave your skin super soft and ready for your body moisturizer. I like to use some type of oil based product after using this product to really get all the benefits from this body scrubs. Your skin will really feel extra soft. Effectiveness Leaves your skin absolutely silky smooth. Scent I absolutely adore the scent: a perfect combination of Argan (which is particular and unique, so it might not be pleasing to some but I personally love its exotic scent), a bit or rose flower and spicy notes (like cinnamon). It truly is quite an exotic experience!



Argan Oil Beauty Benefits for the whole body!


When searching for argan oil products for my hair I discovered the hair masque by Yves Rocher that has argan oil in it.   Very much to my delight, I also discovered 5 other products in the Tradition de Hammom line by this company.  One is the body scrub.  It combines argan oil, argan kernel powder, Moroccan clay, rose water and apricot kernels.   It comes in a great short jar with a wide lid that stores well anywhere.  The fragrance is mild but oriental in essence.  Just like the fabulous results that I have seen using the argan oil on my hair, my skin loves this scrub that I use about twice a week.  It certainly does exfoliate my body, but unlike a lot of scrubs that feel like they have taken both dead cells and moisture, my body feels moisturized when I get out of the shower and silky silky soft.  This scrub cannot be used on the face, but I have used it everywhere else without a hint of irritation which other scrubs have given me from time to time.  A little goes a long way and I especially like to use it on my legs before shaving.  The moisture left behinds helps the razor glide very smoothly.

Mims, FL


Yves Rocher Traditions de Hammom Oriental Skin Scrub with Argan Oil

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