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Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher Traditions de Hammom Olive Oil soap with Argan Oil

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Great quality soap with a heavenly fragrance


My mother bought me a complete gift set of Yves Rocher's Tradition de Hammam, which included their wonderful soap, with its absolutely gorgeous carving design, the Morroccan clay mask, as well as the Argan oil. All of those products were delightful and a real treat! The soap is just so pretty you almost do not want to use it, but once you do, you will experience the nourishing benefits of organic Argan oil (from Morocco) and olive oil. This soap lathers beautifully, gives you a great wash, and does not dry out your skin at all. You can use it both on your face and you body without any fear of breaking your face out or drying it out. I absolutely love this oil and recommend it for personal use as well as for a fantastic gift for any woman who will appreciate such a beautiful soap. Effectiveness This soap contains organic Argan oil as well as olive oil and therefore is very gentle on your skin. It lathers very nicely and has a very sensuous and exotic scent. Scent The fragrance is absolutely heavenly, quite exotic, and very reminiscent of a Moroccan Hammam, if you have ever been lucky enough to experience one. If you like incense then you will love this soap.



Beautifully embossed bar with super rich lather!


I am a big fan of Olive Oil cleansers for the body and hair.    I have been using them for about 10 years now and find that they give rich lathers and soft results across the board.   Yves Rocher's Olive Oil soap with Argan is absolutely no exception to that.   This bar is, firstly, very beautiful to look at.  It comes embossed with an intricate oriental design on it and in a shiny copper and gold box.  Thus it would make an amazing gift for a loved one.  And, I do think that they would feel loved after using this soap!!  It is square in shape but small enough to fit well in the hand unlike some other olive oil soaps that come in giant sized bars. The fragrance is mild but oriental in nature.  The lather is rich and thick and copious.   I use it on both my face and my body in the shower and although it is not intended for this purpose, I used it one day on my hair too with awesome results.  I had enough lather on my head to wash three heads of hair.  It was wonderful feeling on the scalp and my hair turned out shiny and lovely soft.  This is a welcomed addition to my olive oil soaps family!

Mims, FL


Yves Rocher Traditions de Hammom Olive Oil soap with Argan Oil

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