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Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher Soft Eye Makeup Remover with Chamomile

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Didn't remove my eye make up


I tried this product and found that it was not that strong.  I wear eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner on a regular basis and I don't always wear a primer so it's not like my eye make up is plastered on my face.  So I tired this thinking it may be similar to the body shops chamomile eye make up remover and it is no where close, I tried this product with several different cotton things thinking that might be why it wasn't removing it and i even tried using a lot of it but it still didn't have the strength to remove it, it just seemed to smear the mascara and shadow together and on my eye area but wouldn't actually remove the product.  Once the make up was smudged I thought I would just wipe it away but it doesn't move even with water, so I had to use soap or my cleanser to get it off.  I have never had that happen before, even every basic face cleanser I've used removed my eye make up, when I close my eyes as I am washing my face I just gently rub back and forth over my eyes and that gets everything off so usually make up remover works real good but this seemed to be watered down or something. It was very similar to trying to wash my make up off with just water.  I would not recommend this to anyone. Effectiveness Didn't remove eye make up very well.


Davenport, IA


Effective and efficient to use


I have reviewed other Yves Rocher products and always start the same way:  I have been a customer of this French cosmetics company for some years because I like their deals and bargains.  I got this product to replace my usual drugstore brand because I happened to run out right when I was placing a YR order. There is nothing fancy about this eye make up remover, nothing to rave or complain about really.  It removes the eye make up easily, doesn't leave grease behind, and only needs a little to get the job done. I thought the price quite reasonable for a large 4 oz. bottle like this, along with getting one of their frequent two for one deals.  I have one in my travel cosmetics bag and keep the other on my counter. This will last me a long time, since I forget half the time to put on my mascara.  On a positive note, however, when I forget I did actually put it on until the next morning, this will work to get the overnight, calcified leftovers from my eyes without breaking the few remaining eyelashes I have. Good product, good price, lasts a long time. Enough said.


Urbandale, IA


Yves Rocher Soft Eye Makeup Remover with Chamomile

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