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Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher Pro Retinol Wrinkle Reducer

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No wrinkle reduction here...


The Bottom Line: Yves Rocher's Pro Retinol wrinkle reducer is as good as any other moisturizer but it did not reduce any of my already existing wrinkles. This formula is meant to be used on targeted areas like around your eyes (for crow's feet), around your mouth, where fine lines usually appear after a certain age. Because the tube is so small (1 oz), it is not meant to be used as an all over face cream. The texture of this product is very light, and not thick at all (almost a bit too runny to my taste) and will go on very smoothly and easily on the targeted areas. I used it mostly around my eyes to try and minimize the wrinkles known as Crow's Feet around the eyes. After about two months of consistent use, morning and evening, my fine lines are still there, especially around my eyes. This cream works fine as a moisturizer for the eye area, but it will not make your wrinkles disappear. Absorption The texture is very light and a bit runny so it will never leave a greasy residue and penetrates very quickly. I put a bit of the lotion on my finger, and will dab the targeted areas gently with my fingers until complete absorption. Effectiveness This product contains shiitake, grape seed oil, Shea Butter, and Pro Retinol (which contains Vitamin A, an antioxidant), but in all honesty, I do not believe that any of these ingredients are capable of actually reducing wrinkles, especially deep wrinkles. It will moisturize your skin and make your fine lines appear less obvious at first, but as soon as your skin gets dehydrated again, the fine lines will come right back and no longer look smoother and finer. This works fine as an eye area moisturizer, but do not expect miracles.



The pro-retional day cream makes my skin look younger.


I've been using the pro-retinol wrinkle reducer day cream for sometime now. I apply it once in the morning to my face and neck. This product is considered an intensive anti-wrinkling and protective treatment cream. My wrinkles have become less noticeable and my face is very smooth. My husband noticed the difference in my facial appearance. He said that I looked younger. The cream works well without makeup, I also apply it under my makeup without any problem. The cream does not feel greasy of sticky after application on my skin, it blends right in. I worry about putting dangerous chemicals on my body and I really like the fact that all the ingredients in this product are natural. I wouldn't dream of going out without first applying the cream to my face. Even my friends have noticed a difference in my face; they told me that my skin looks tight and smooth. I am very pleased with this product.

Los Angeles, CA


Yves Rocher Pro Retinol Wrinkle Reducer

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