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Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher Mint Stimulating Body Wash

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Minty fresh shower gel


I believe I have tried just about every single kind of body wash Yves Rocher has ever offered (I grew up in France, where Yves Rocher is the go-to toiletry brand), and I have to say that this is probably one of my very favorite scent that Yves Rocher has ever produced. I love all things mint, so this body wash was right up my alley, and what a refreshing scent it is! I just love it, it waked you right up, is really invigorating, and is a real treat first thing in the morning. I like it so much that I also use it as my hand soap in the kitchen. Everybody who has used it at my house and does not know Yves Rocher has asked me where they can get it for themselves. Unfortunately, it does seem that this scent goes out of stock quite frequently, and the last two times I wanted to order some, the website was out of it. Effectiveness This shower gel (which you can really use for your hand as well, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc) lathers extremely well (like all Yves Rocher's shower gels), and is great for shaving as well. My husband also likes it because he things it does not smell "girly" or flowery." It does not dry your skin out at all either. Scent This gel has a most wonderful minty fresh scent, very clean, it almost makes you look forward to getting up in the morning.



I love products of Yves Rocher


Briefly - I love it!!! I have this one and several other YR body washes. Yves Rocher Mint Stimulating Body Wash makes my skin fresh and fusing, the texture leaves the skin with a stimulating fragrance. I buy YR body washes everytime for all members of my family when I see good deals on an official web site. Everyone from my family likes it (even my capricious father loves it too :) ). This body shower wash is the best in comparison with all other which I have ever tried. I would recommend it to my friends and co-workers. I love products of Yves Rocher company. I like to purchase things on their official web site because they provide additional offers and good deals. Once I got an email and I saw that Yves Rocher has their 2 for 1 sale. Can you guess what I did ? :) I bought 3 bottles and got 6 )))) No regrets!  I am sure that  if you try this product you will enjoy it as much as other people do.

Philadelphia, PA


fresh and fragrant


Yves Rocher Mint Stimulating Body Wash smells good, lathers well. and stimulates my senses. If you like bath oils and fresh fragrances;you'll love this. Yves Rocher offers body washes in a variety of fragrances to suit your mood. The body washes are fragrant; attractive; and indulging. They're perfect for warm beauty baths or stimulating showers. I prefer the long indulging bath. The Mint fragrance is fresh and stimuating and enticing. Try it!  After a long day at work or a busy day with the famiily; stimulate your senses and indulge in a beauty bath treatment with Yves Rocher Mint Stimulating Body Wash. The color is cool and pretty; the fragrance is fresh; and the lather is stimulating. Don't hesitate; indulge; I did.  Its a treat you won't want to miss. You'll even get a free gift. You can't beat this proposition!   So go ahead, indulge! You won't be sorry. **Yves Rocher Mint Stimulating Body Wash**

South Bend, IN


Yves Rocher Mint Stimulating Body Wash

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