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Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher Extra-Volume Mascara

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Yves Rocher is great


I am skeptical when it comes to what they call a good mascara. I tried, oh my goodness, tens of mascaras out there. With some...I ended up throwing them away. They were that bad. Anyway, long story short, I got the Yves Rocher mascara as a gift with my order. It's fantastic. I love the brush, I love the intensity of the color and I like how it stays on. The brush is I think made out some ruber or some kind of plastic, but it has those bristles really neat, so the mascara goes on your lashes really nice. You don't get those nasty lumps and it separates great the lashes. The color is neat, is intense. What I don't like about it is that it goes dry in the bottle to fast, and if try to put it on your lashes it still goes ok, but it gets flaky after awhile and so, you eye area looks as if you went wrong with your black eye'shadow. If you're the kind of person to use allot of mascara, go ahead and buy it, it won;t have time to get old :).

Spring, TX




This is one of the best mascaras I have ever used.  It doesn't irritate my eyes, which are very sensitive, but gives me that full look I want.  I usually buy their Length Mascara and combine them and it is great.  When it's time to remove it, it is very easy and doesn't leave residues or clumps.

San Antonio, TX


Yves Rocher Extra Voume Mascara works great .


**I buy products that are known to work. I rather pay the extra money so that I know I  will not only get a good product but a quality one. I put it one once and it stays there. I does not run. there is no grit that you get from your cheaper products. I would and have recommend this product to my friends and everyone else.**

Hermitage, TN


This Yves Rocher mascara is nothing special!


This is the third Yves Rocher product that I have tried from my order, and I have to say that I haven't been impressed with anything I bought.  Nothing is high-quality about their products, and their **Extra-Volume Mascara **is no exception. The Yves Rocher website states that this mascara is supposed to: - Separate and smooth lashes - Thicken and add volume - Have the natural benefit of cellulose **My Experience** As I pulled the wand out of the tube, I thought the brush looked promising.  The brush is very thick with different length bristles; some short, and some long.  I was thinking to myself, this might actually be a good mascara.  Um, not really.  When you coat your lashes with this mascara, it feels as if it is 8 months old.  It goes on like glue and once you apply a coat, it dries almost immediately, preventing you from adding a second coat because then it gets even clumpier. On a positive note, I do like several things about this mascara.  I like how it darkens your lashes, separates and adds length.  The length is nothing special, but it does add some.  The volume is just okay since you can't apply very much mascara, but what you get from one coat is decent.  Overall, I'm not impressed with **Yves Rocher Extra-Volume Mascara**, and I would not buy it again, let alone recommend it.  It isn't the worst mascara I've used, but it's a waste of money since there are so many great mascaras out there.  If I could, I would give this mascara 2.5 stars.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Yves Rocher Extra-Volume Mascara

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