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Yukon AB Crunch Machine

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Can give results, but require hard work.


The Yukon ab crunch machine does not require much maintenance or attention, so that is a plus. However, is can be a bit hectic because it requires way too much hard work and effort in order ot gain the results one would be looking for. I would be better off doing standard crunches because it seems as if crunches require the same amount of time as does this ab crunch machine. It's price is not too much so one can afford to buy it. However, it is not worth the value as much as you may want it to be. I also did experience some back pain while straining myself using this machine. I would prefer other alternative machines, like the new ab circle. However, even these new alternatives have some cons to them. For example, the ab circle machine can hurt the knees and the whole machine itsel fis not very well-built. The yukon ab machine requires a lot of time; so i only recommend it if you are a serious weight-lifter or body builder. If you are low on time and do not want to apply as much effort, I would recommend doing standard crunches.

Colorado Springs, CO


Yukon AB Crunch Machine

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