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Yu Me
Yu Me Mattress - King

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"Finally a climate-controlled memory foam mattress."


Like many couples, my husband and I prefer different sleeping temperatures and different levels of firmness in our mattress. We had wanted a memory foam mattress that would automatically adjust to our different body weights and shapes, but had heard from many friends who owned one, that the memory foam was "too hot" and they would wake up during the night drenched in sweat. After trying out a Yu Me mattress at Mattress Firm in April 2011, we were very happy with the comfort of the mattress and the ability to individually control the temperature of our own side with our own remote control. The Yu Me memory foam mattress comes with a shoebox size air circulator that can deliver either air-conditioned or heated air through the mattress for a preset amount of time (15 inutes to 10 hours). Finally, a climate-controlled memory foam mattress! What a pleasure to crawl into a pre-heated bed in the winter and, who doesn't like cool sheets on a hot summer night? Such a simple idea...what took so long?

Austin, TX


Yu Me Mattress - King

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