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YouShave ShaveBox Blade Lubricant

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Shadebox lubricant


I tried Shadebox lubricant and it was good the glide is also good but I like spicy fragrances. Personally I prefer natural soapy sudsy products and found it is very hard to beat Fresh Spice soap by Blue Dolphin Soap Co. I found them on line and ordered by chance and was so surprised. I shave my head so I really like the feel of clove and cinnamon both are naturally antibacteial.  Ifyou feel like I do google up mybluedolphinsoap.com you will not be sorry.

Vero Beach, FL


Smooth, natural, and odor free shaving without razorburn.


I've been using the ShaveBox Lubricant and the ShaveBox for almost 5 months and this product is wonderful! Not only does it do everything it says it does but, much more. I use the Lubricant to shave my underarms and my bikini line and I have never had a bump or any irritation. The shave that I get with this lubricant can not compare to any other product I have used and there have been many. I have sensitive skin and this product is the best!! A very small amount goes a very long Way! the scent is great and it fades quickly after I use it so there's no mixing with my lotions or perfumes. My boyfriend is also crazy about it. He shaves his chest and other areas of his body and has never had a bump which he had a problem with in the past. We store our razors in the lubricant as well and we get so many uses from them. We don't buy expensive razors any more. We get great results with "cheap razors" using the lubricant! We also love the fact it's all natural and "green". Thanks for a great product. Big fans! Purchased at YouShave.com.

Newton, NJ


YouShave ShaveBox Blade Lubricant

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