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Yoshi's Woolly World for Nintendo Wii U


A Warm and Fuzzy Adventure

Embark on a new Yoshi adventure in a world made from yarn, cloth and textiles. Explore the world by using yarn to weave wool platforms and warp pipes to reach new areas, and gleefully unravel its secrets and puzzles by pulling yarn walls apart. Add a little color to Yoshi's life with a spectrum of yarn balls. Then team up with a friend to have a ball together in this wild and woolly world.

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Cutest game ever


This is seriously the cutest game ever, especially if you were ever a nintendo fan and loved Yoshi (and of course, I did). The entire game looks like everything is made out of yarn and the characters are adorable. Ok, I understand that it isn't just ok for a game to be cute. It really is a fun game to play. It is a great game for kids, but my older son even enjoys playing it. The name a description of this game make it sounds like it is geared toward little girls. I have three boys and was actually surprised that they enjoyed the game as much as they do. While my older son does enjoy playing it, it is definitely geared toward younger children. I like having games like this for my young children that do not involve any violence. I would recommend this game to anyone who just absolutely loves Yoshi or to young children.

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Yoshi's Woolly World for Nintendo Wii U

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