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Yoplait Kids Lowfat Yogurt

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Great alternate for Snack cakes


I have been buying Yoplait Kids Lowfat Yogurt for awhile now. My husband and I were worried about our children's health, since all they wanted was sugary snacks. We were afraid that if our kids kept eating all the sugary junk food that they have been eating, that they will develop childhood diabetes. Both my side and my husbands side have history of diabetes, so our children are at higher risk of developing diabetes in the future. So as a precaution we started cutting back high sugary snacks and replaced them with snacks that are lower in sugar. My kids absolutely love the Yoplait Kids Yogurt I had bought. They actually don't mind eating the yogurt and sometimes they even prefer the yogurt over any other snacks we may have in the cabinet. I highly recommend buying your children Yoplait Kids Lowfat Yogurt. It's a great alternate for snack cakes and more healthier for them as well.



kids love it!


My kids are yogurt obsessed and all of them reach for yogurt for a snack. We were originally buying the single cups of Yoplait yogurt and my kids were not able to finish a whole cup at a time and it's just not practical to try and save what's left so we were tossing out a lot of partially filled yogurts. I saw these one day at the grocery store and bought a few packages. I liked that they have reduced sugar and are also a bit smaller per serving. My kids loved the flavor and I liked the nutritional labeling. The cups have Disney characters on the cups which changes frequently. Yoplait kids yogurt is priced more reasonably then some other brands of kids yogurt and is more healthy as well. The serving sizes are perfect for an in between meals snack and all of the packaging is recyclable. My kids and nephew love the taste of them and I think they taste good too. They taste just like the regular brand. I like how the shape of the cups are more environmentally friendly then Yoplait regular cups. Animals get their heads stuck and slowly starve to death inside of the tapered Yoplait regular cups when they are thrown away. I will continue to buy the kids Yoplait brand yogurt until the serving size is too small for my kids. Everyone in my house loves this kind so everyone should give it a try for their kids because im sure they will love it. Its consistency is just right and it doesn't taste like there is less sugar in it. The flavor is still sweet. These are also perfect for sending in lunchboxes for school snack time. I always keep my refrigerator stocked up with plenty of them so my kids always have a healthy snack to reach for rather then chips or cookies. We have also made smoothies with these and the kids love them too! Another way to enjoy these is to freeze them on hot days for a little while so it's a frozen yogurt in a cup.



Pretty good.


My little cousin has recently taken a liking to yogurt. I babysit him a lot and the Yoplait Kids is his favorite type. I of course had to try it and I approve of it as well. We always purchase the strawberry flavor because that is the one my cousin likes. It has a great consistency and tastes good. To be totally honest, it just tastes like the normal Yoplait types in my opinion. But I guess they market to children with the cartoons on the packs of yogurt. I think this yogurt is fine for children or adults. It also has 25% less sugar, which is great because a lot of yogurts have a pretty high sugar content. Flavor/Taste As an adult, I think this yogurt tastes really good. My young cousin also loves it. It is great for all ages of taste buds. Variety We always buy the strawberry so I can not really comment on the amount of variety. Strawberry just seems to be the favorite around here. Consistency Good consistency - not too runny, not too thick. Convenience Quick to eat the snack and just toss the yogurt cup in the trash.



Love it!


My two year old and I eat a lot of yogurt. We eat it at breakfast time and for snacks. My little girl is a big fan of Yoplait Kids low fat yogurt. It is a treat that she asks for almost daily. I love that this yogurt is made specifically for kids, so it meets their nutritional needs well. I never feel bad about giving these to my daughter because I know that they are healthy for her. The packaging of course is a big reason my daughter enjoys these. She loves having some of her favorite characters on the packaging. I have tasted these yogurts myself and they are very good. They taste just as good as the original Yoplait yogurts. There are a variety of flavors to choose from too which is good because kids get bored easily! As a mother, I love how affordable these are too. Snacks can become really expensive, but these yogurts are priced perfectly. They are worth every penny and they are always on our grocery list. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who needs a tasty, healthy, and affordable snack for children.



Yoplait Kids Lowfat Yogurt is mom approved


Like most things, what attracted my daughter to the Yoplait Kids Lowfat Yogurt was the fun characters on the box. My daughter is preschool age and adores Dora the Explorer. When shopping in the yogurt section, she exclaimed, "I want Dora yogurt!". I rolled my eyes and was about to put the yogurt back when I noticed something. The Yoplait Kids Lowfat Yogurt has less sugar than other kids yogurt, which made me happy to purchase this yogurt for her. I knew I could trust the Yoplait brand. My daughter loves this yogurt! Her favorite flavor is the Dora strawberry, but will eat any of the available flavors. The Yoplait Kids Lowfat Yogurt has a thinner consistency than most yogurts, but that is perfect for kids. My daughter likes how smooth it is and I like the kid-sized serving. I would definitely recommend this kid's yogurt to any mom who is looking for a healthier alternative in their kids' yogurt!

Nampa, ID


Yoplait Kids Lowfat Yogurt

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