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Great Swimwear Selection On This Site


I have searched for many places on the internet for swimwear and Yoox has a great selection of swimwear. Yoox has many brands that you won't find on an average swimwear site but brands that are more common on the European continent. There is a vast selection of men's swim trunks and swim briefs. While the selection is very versatile and with many products, it can be difficult to find your size at times. In addition, the prices are higher on this site. I previously bought swimwear by D and G for a high price. This is probably because the suits were imported. The shipping to the customer is very quick and there is rarely any delay in the delivery of the product. Yoox also has so many other styles of clothing that are trendy and fashionably correct. The site has clothing for all four seasons including jackets, pants and other fashion items. If you are seeking a fashion trend, you will most likely find what you need on this site.



Much Improved


When I last purchased from Yoox.com, the website was terrible. The pictures were small and low quality. The items were all of the place and it was very hard to search through the site and they had thousands of different items. This time, their website is a bit different and much improved. Now you can see the front and back of the items on the selected models. You can sort by a lot of different options, such as colors, or pant shape, wash and opening. You can still search by the designers as well. There is also a revamped sales section that allows you to sort by low price, high price and the latest arrivals. It's quite impressive and the difference is indeed night and day. When on sale, the prices are fairly good for the luxury items that they offer. They seem to be carrying more and more luxury items. Overall, I'm impressed and I have placed a few orders recenetly as now the user interface does make it quite easy to shop around. There is no hindrance now.




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