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Yes To Carrots
Yes to Carrots Carrot Rich Shower Gel

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Works, but not too exciting


I received this shower gel for Christmas in a little zippered pouch that included shampoo and conditioner.  I do like the shower gel better than the shampoo and conditioner.  Unlike the shampoo and conditioner, the shower gel does feel cleansing.  I have also been using it to wash my face and it is relatively refreshing.  The scent is good, but not great.  I would prefer a nicer scent.  It is nice that the shower gel is paraben free and includes organic ingredients (although the label does not state that it is an organic product).  I also like that the company is based in Israel.  I like using my shower gels as hand soap too- I generally like to put the shower gel in a hand soap pump and add a little water, which is cheaper than buying hand soap.  However, with this brand, I am not sure if the germs are getting removed when using this as a hand soap.  Another downside to this brand is that it can be expensive.

Chicago, IL


One of the best


First thing first, I'm not generally speaking crazy about shower gels, body cleansers in general. I don't really care about fragrances or compositions. I baught the Yes To Carrots Rich shower gel one day because I liked its name and its color but that's about it. After trying it once, though,  I knew I was a fan. The consistency is very good. A little goes a long way. Usually I don't like those mild shower gels that leave the skin so soft you're wandering if it's actually clean. This particular gel leaves the skin both clean AND soft. The smell is fabulous. It's hard to describe it in fact. It's not really flowery or fruity... I don't know, I just know that I love it. It may seem a little pricey but it is a big bottle after all. You can easily get it on discount (I do anyway) so the price is not really an issue. The whole Yes to Carrots line is fabulous. Use the YtoC body lotion after the shower and you'll feel AMAZING !!

Chicago, IL


feel and smell clean!


I bought this body wash as a package deal with Yes to carrots shampoo.  I love the way it has little or no scent, lathers, rinses well and leaves your skin soft and not slippery or gummy like some other products. This product is not tested on animals, has more natural ingredients than not, comes in a huge bottle, which is recyclable, and last a long time! I highly recommend any product in this line for any skin type.  The company is always having promotions so you can get free things occasionally too! They also make yes to tomatoes and yes to cucumbers, but I have not tried them yet.   I alwys wait until they have a BOGO sale to get the best value.

Bay City, MI


It's orange, but thankfully it doesn't smell like carrots!


I was a little hesitant to buy a shower gel that was a milky orange color and called **Yes** **To Carrots**, but it was on sale and made with mostly natural ingredients, so I figured it was worth a shot..  I was afraid this product would smell like, well...carrots.  Since the lid was sealed in plastic, I couldn't get a whiff of the product before I bought it, but luckily, it doesn't smell anything like carrots.  ***Yes To Carrots says: ***"Rich in Dead Sea Mud and minerals, C How to Shower nourishes and revives your skin, leaving you deliciously clean and smooth all over!" **Yes To Carrots Carrot Rich Shower Gel **is made with mostly natural ingredients, contains no parabens and is not tested on animals.  Blended with carrot juice, pumpkin, sweet potato, melon and dead sea mud, it's filled with plenty of ingredients that are good for your skin. I think this shower gel has the perfect texture.  It is a thick gel that lathers and bubbles nicely.  The scent smells like soap.  It's hard to pinpoint a particular scent, it just smells clean.  **Yes To Carrots Carrot Rich Shower Gel **left my skin feeling clean, and the scent does not linger very long on your skin.  After I got out of the shower and dried off, I noticed my skin was considerably softer, which I loved!  **The Scoop!** I would prefer that this product be made with 100% natural ingredients, but the fact that it is made with mostly natural ingredients and doesn't contain parabens is good enough for me.  I gave this product 4 stars because it's not totally natural and because the scent is not fruity like I prefer.  I would still buy this again and use it intermittently with my other "fruity" shower gels.        

Camp Lejeune, NC


Yes to Carrots Carrot Rich Shower Gel

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