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Yellow Tail Syrah ,

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I read the reviews, half are right


The negative reviews are out of line. (Maybe they got a bad bottle?) The taste of the YellowTail Shriaz is mild but flavorfull. Nicely balanced. Even my snooty wine drinking friends (won't buy anything under $20/bottle), they come back for 2nds when we serve it as one of the wines at family/friends get togethers. In my view, it is the best priced wine for a daily glass. A real value !


Jacksonville, Florida




This wine felt like drinking crest toothpaste fermented in beer. It was absolutely terrible and ruined the evening. Do yourself a favor and avoid this one. I consider myself a wine aficionado but this shouldn't be considered a wine. Worst I've EVER had.




One star only because I can't choose zero


I bought this based on reviews, but I have NO idea what must have happened to the taste buds of those poor folks. Many reviews listed it as "tasty", but I didn't realize the taste that they were referring to was "cross between cardboard and dirty feet". I drank half of one glass and decided that was enough. My wife took only one drink (after telling me that the bouquet itself was offensive) and told me you're going to drink that garbage by yourself. I declined and poured it down the sink.


Fort Riley, KS


Great Red Wine at a reasonable price


I have to agree. This is a great red wine for all occasions. Full body with depth. Yes you must be a red wine lover to really enjoy. I was first tempted to try the Yellow Tail label while in  California where it is a wine lovers paradise! You have so many good choices your not sure. I have grown to love the brand, not just the reds. Priced so you can afford without breaking the bank! Try it!


Hernando, FL


Excellent red wine!!


Excellent wine from Australia widely recommended. Wine great body, very good for red meat, they recommend widely, they can get a gooExcellent wine from Australia widely recommended. Wine great body, very good for red meat, they recommend widely ago while consumption and the truth is that every day that passes I like more. We can get a good price on traders shp, good profit!!


Chula Vista, CA


Love this wine!


I love trying new wines but I keep coming back to the Yellowtail brand. Another good Yellowtail is their Shiraz-Grenache as well. It is another red but not as dry as the Shiraz. I don't normally like drier wines but I like it. You can't drink a lot of it in a sitting but it's nice to have a glass with dinner.


Stevens Point, WI


Nice medium everyday wine.


Yellow Tail makes a very consistant product.  The Shiraz is a very drinkable everyday type of wine perfect with heavy pasta, roast, or just some cheese and fruit. I think it would go well with anything except a light meal such as soup, salad or chicken (unless you are a complete red wine lover that drinks red with anything - I am).  But, I would not recommend this wine with chicken or fish to the average person.  It is light on tannins, with a desirnable blackberry and oak nose.  Taste stays with you somewhat although I like a longer finish.  In all, very affordable and well worth the price.  This wine should be drunk in the next two years for optimum taste and enjoyment.  This wine is not meant to be stored for future use.


Chicago, IL


Sit back relax kinda wine.


I started drinking red wine on a regular basis when I hit my 30s. If i wanna get buzzed I better do it with something beneficial for my health. I tried different kinds of red wine from expensive to the cheapeast. This is the only one that is to my liking. It's not dry and tangy and has a little sweet taste to it. I'm not a wine connosieur so what's probably a best wine to most may not be best for me. With this wine I am happy. This wine has been my partner when I just wanna crawled up in my couch and do a movie marathon. I usually bring this kind of wine at friends' parties. Doesnt have a bold taste so for me I can pretty much have this with appetizer, meat, chicken,fish or even dessert. Price is just right and easily available at any groceries or convenience stores.


Garden Grove, CA


Yellow Tail Shiraz


 So  I have tasted a lot of different wines with my dinners but this is the worst tasting wine ever!  My husband refers to wine as "smelly feet" and for once I would have to agree.  I would have been better off drinking out of his shoe then drinking this wine. It is just plain gross! Stick with what you know and skip this nasty so called wine!


Kansas City, MO


Good Everyday Wine


Although this review is specifically regarding the Syrah by Yellow Tail, it should be noted that all of the Yellow Tail wines (I'm pretty sure we've tried them all at some point  ;)  ) are good choices if you are looking for a good, budget-friendly, everyday sipping kind of wine.  We like our more inexpensive red wines just an eensy bit chilled as we have found that to provide a little more smoothness to the wine.  The Yellow Tail Syrah is a good compliment to any everyday type of dinner from basic spaghetti to steaks.  We have also found that it's pretty good when all you really want to do is hang out on the back deck and relax.  Yellow Tail wines are ridiculously easy to locate too.  I purchase them in the grocery store but have also seen them in discount stores, drug stores, and restaurants.  I prefer to not order it in restaurants though, especially since I know we can get a whole bottle for what they are charging for one glass! 


Centreville, VA


Yellow Tail Syrah ,

3.5 23