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Pinot Noir
Yellow Tail Pinot Noir,

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Best Cheap Pinot Noir I've found!


I am not one to spend a lot of money on wine if I can help it. So this wine is perfect for me. It has a great taste, not dry, very fruity, and best of all, it's cheap! If you're not looking to impress someone with an expensive bottle and you want good tasting wine, then this is the wine to get.


Chicago, IL


Yellow Tail Pinot Noir is not the best Pinot out there


It's very hard to find a good pinot noir.  Most of them are pretty pricey, but you do get what you pay for when you buy a pinot noir.  Yellow Tail Pinot Noir is an inexpensive one, but it tastes inexpensive as well.  It lacks the body and aroma of a good Pinot Noir.  If you like to drink Pinot Noirs it's worth it to pay a little extra.  If you're drinking Yellow Tail Pinot Noir you're missing out on what Pinot Noirs are all about.  Pinot Noirs are great wines to drink while you're hanging out with friends or watching TV, unlike other wines that go well with food. 


Marietta, GA


Great end of the day glass of wine


My favorite meal of the day is dinner with a glass of wine. And, Yellow Tail Pinot Noir happens to be my wine selection of choice. Not only is it the glass of wine that consistantly tastes great with everything from steak on special occasion's to pizza/salad with family and friends, but it is the glass of wine that is affordable for those of us that don't feel comfortable spending lots of money on eating and drinking when it is not a special occasion. Ironically, I must have the same taste as my friends because I notice that Yellow Tail Pinot Noir is the bottle of wine sitting on most of my friends kitchen counters. You can not argue with a great tasting bottle of wine like Yellow Tail Pinot Noir. It is a great value and pairs with all your favorite foods. That is why I would recommend Yellow Tail Pinot Noir to anyone looking to try a glass of wine once in a while when enjoying a casual dinner with family and friends.


Indianapolis, IN


Bargain for sure with a touch of class,Yellow Tail Pinot Noir


Yellow tail Pinot Noir is a smooth tasting wine. It is a great wine for winelovers like myself. once you taste Pinot Noir the taste stays on the tongue and in the memory alittle longer than some wines. I always order Pinot Noir when I am out to a restaurant having dinner.(which is how I prefer it ) or just when Im hanging around the house enjoying life, I love to sip on a glass of wine. My preference is Pinot Noir because of the taste; I love red wine. Not only is Pinot Noir a tastey choice, but yellow tail pinot noir is in expensive and can even be found in convienent  stores.


Las Vegas, NV


yellow tail pinot noir


Yellow Tail is a very good wine at a very reasonable price.  All of the Yellow Tails tasted very good, and the Pinot Noir has an especially good taste.  You can't go wrong with a bottle of Yellow Tail, whether you like red or white, you can always find something to satisfy your taste.


Willoughby, OH


Yellow Tail Pinot Noir,

4.4 5