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Yate Loon
Yate Loon 120mm Fan High Speed (D12SH-12)

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Great Fans For Heat Sinks


I purchased 4 Yate Loon fans to go inside my case and 2 of them were these models. The other 2 were the medium speed ones which I'll do a review. These fans worked amazingly great on my Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120mm heat sink fan. They blow a lot of air through the cooler and they have awesome static pressure so the air blows in a straight line. Static pressure judges how straight in a line the air from the fan blows. When purchasing for a cooler, you want this to be high. For case fans, it doesn't matter as you just want the air inside the case. The noise from these isn't bad to me at all but my case is a full tower case and sits quite a bit away from me so that could be one of the reasons that it doesn't bother me. The fans actually work pretty well also. I have to dust them and clean them about every 6 months or so to keep any dust that's built up inside the case off of them (the dust accumulates on the fan and slows down their rotation).

Miami, FL


Amazing Fans!


I purchased one of these fans to go on the rear of my CPU cooler for Push/Pull configuration and I have not regretted this purchase at all. These fans aren't really that loud but they put out an amazing amount of air flow and have great static pressure as well. They make amazing fans for CPU coolers. Their static pressure unfortunately never seems to be listed in their specifications but it's really high. I'd venture to say it's 5 or higher. It uses a sleeve bearing so not quite as long of life as a ball bearing but it makes it quieter when it's spinning. There's 3 different models that run at 3 different speeds so be sure you get the right one. This one is the high speed so it runs at 2200 RPM's which gives the best cooling. If you want it to run quieter, you'll need to hook the fan up to a fan controller or use the the 3 pin connector on a motherboard port and control the fan using a software controller like SpeedFan.

Junction City, KS


Yate Loon 120mm Fan High Speed (D12SH-12)

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