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Yard Man
Yard Man by MTD Yard Vacuum

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The Yard Vacuum cleans up leaves quicker than a leaf blower


Our house has a 3/4 acre yard, surrounded by woods. We love it here, but in the autumn leaf pick up is a real chore. My husband would spend hours with a leaf blower trying to keep the lawn clear, several times per season. Once we discovered the **Yard Man Leaf Vacuum**, we fell in love with it! It is pushed like a lawn mower, shreds and collects the leaves in a bag, ready for us to add to the compost pile. It is much easier and faster than using the leaf blower. We still keep the leaf blower around for hard-to-reach areas like the garden and the driveway, but the yard belongs to the **Yard Man Leaf Vacuum**. We used to have to blow the leaves into a pile and transport them to their destination, otherwise they'd just blow back again. We live in a tick-prone area, so it is a big plus that the **Yard Man Leaf Vacuum** limits the contact we have with the leaves that sometimes harbor the nasty bugs. We also appreciate that the leaves are shredded before they go into the compost, quickening the compost process. The **Yard Man Leaf Vacuum** reduces the time spent on the leaves *by hours* compared to a leaf blower.  Now, if I could just figure out how to keep my husband from using that extra time to watch football on TV!

Belle Mead, NJ


Yard Man by MTD Yard Vacuum

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