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Yard Man
Yard Man by MTD 21" Snowblower

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Our Yard Man MTD 21" Snowblower is a real champ at moving snow!


We actually purchased our Yard Man 21 inch Snowblower second hand at a local company known more for their Karcher power washers as my wife worked for this company and had the "guys in the back" watching for a good 2 stage snowblower. We've had this snowblower for well over five years now and it does a great job. In a town that usually gets over a hundred inches per season, this can prove to be a necessary item in your outdoor machines. We usually do not let the snow accumulate to more than 5 or 6 inches before using our snowblower, though, I'm sure we could go higher. The problem is the end of our driveway gets so buried by the city plows that we have to attack it at around 5 or 6 inches. I think this would be true of any snowblower we would own because we end up with about 12 inches of salt laden heavy wet snow at the base of our driveway every 12 or so hours. I've not seen a snowblower that does well in those conditions without the chute clogging to the point that you have to stop the snowblower, get a trowel, and remove the slushy wet nastiness out of the chute. We've also added a 3rd party cab on our snowblower for those particularly cold and windy storms so we can get the job done without freezing our rears off! For out city driveway and sidewalks, you can't beat our Yard Man snowblower!

Muskegon, MI


Yard Man 21" is a good snowblower with a lot of features


I have had this snow blower for a few years now and it is well worth the price. I have fed this snowblower almost two feet of snow and it has almost no problem. The snowblower comes with many features, some are really useful. The electric starter has never failed me. Simply plug in an extension cord and it will eventually start up. If the snowblower cuts out or you run out of gas when you are far from an outlet, you can also start up the snowblower with the attached pull starter. The light on the snowblower is bright enough to see far enough in front of you while use in the dark. The snowblower has many different speeds including two in reverse. It is also possible to adjust how far to send the snow with. A nice feature the Yard Man Snowblower comes with is two smaller levers located underneath the handles. By pulling on either one, it disengages its respective wheel allowing an effortless turn ass the snowblower does all the work.

Easton, PA


The Yard Man snowblower works well


My family got me the Yard Man snow blower for Christmas and I'm starting my third season with it. Overall, I'm happy with it. The model is Yard Man by MTD, 21", Tecumseh 5.5 hp gas engine, with electric start. I've cranked it up with the electric start in the worst of weather (and we do get a good variety of that here on the slopes of the Rockies) and the Yard Man picks up and runs... even when I can't. It's not the widest and not the most powerful, but it does the job for my drive and sidewalks. It handled a snow drift several feet high although I had to hit the drift a couple of times to slice it down. It was so tall that I had trouble shooting the snow and ice out over the top! My only complaint has been no local dealer support. It has been hard to locate a source for the OEM universal belt (power transfer) which started slipping at the end of last year -- I'm using a stock belt probably intended for an auto. The company doesn't seem to have a website for selling replacement parts. Yet after two seasons, that's the only thing that needed renewing.

Fort Collins, CO


Yard Man by MTD 21" Snowblower

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