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Yard Man
Yard Man QuickShift Gas Blower/Vacuum

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Great product. Used it for years.


Don't know where the negative comments come from. I've used it for years. Inovativ cord grip. Balanced, lite.


San Bernardino, CA


Would not recommend this!


I have tried a few different leaf blowers in the past, and this one definitely stayed in the past. The Yard Man QuickShift gas blower/vacuum did not deliver its promise at all. I was deceived by how heavy and sturdy it looked. In reality, however, it was unable to even clear my yard once. I ended up having to do the job by-hand instead. I would not suggest this leaf blower to anyone. I actually had to go out and by another leaf blower to get my yard cleared. Weight This leaf blower is quite heavy, and it seems like it should be very sturdy and durable. However, it is not. Performance This machine obviously does not do its job at all. The leaves ended up getting stuck in it within the first use which ended up clogging the machine. Handling This leaf blower is not very easy to handle. It is too heavy, and it does not do the job right. Ease of Use It would be really easy to use if it actually worked correctly. Durability It seems like it would be durable, but it is not.




Yardman QuickShift blower/vacuum isn't for large jobs


The Yardman QuickShift gas blower/vacuum #YMGBV3100, 25cc, 2-cycle looks big and heavy enough to tackle any job but it was a very big disappointment to me. I bought this blower/vacuum to save me time and back ache's for clearing debris, bagging, and mulching of leaves but because the funnel for blowing and vacumming is so large in diameter it doesn't have the air pressure to blow much of anything anywhere. It is extremely heavy to carry and causes multiple aches and pains after trying to use it in even small areas. After some research I see you can buy additional attachments that may help in the air pressure for blowing but I choose not to add additional cost and weight to this machine because alone it is to heavy to handle for any length of time. I would not recommend this product to anyone big or small.


National City, MI


Yard Man QuickShift Gas Blower/Vacuum

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