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Yard Man
Yard Man 38" 12.5-HP Riding Lawn Mower

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Yard Man Riding Lawn Mower mows grass down with ease!


The Yard Man 38" 12.5-HP Riding Lawn Mower was a life saver when I lived in my old house. I had 5 1/2 acres that needed mowed at least weekly and most of the time I was the lucky one who got yard duty because that's when my husband was working ridiculous hours getting his new business off and running. I never had an issue with this mower. It ran so smoothly and made the yard look beautiful. It cut so evenly and beautifully and handled so well. It drove with ease. I never had any trouble starting it either. Fired up every time without an issue. I honestly don't have any complaints other than the fact that my yard now is too small to need to use this mower any longer. I would recommend the The Yard Man 38" 12.5-HP Riding Lawn Mower to anyone in the market for a riding mower. It's large enough to do a great job but isn't the size of a tank like some of the other mower's I've seen. Fantastic mower for the price. Performance Performs great. Cuts grass better than the pros. Handling Maneuvers great around trees, concrete slabs, nothing gets in the way of this mower. Durability Very durable. Nothing can beat up this mower.

Canton, OH


Yard Man 12.5-hp riding mower makes yardwork fun.


Yard Man Riding mower makes life easier. Very reliable and dependable mower. Very easy to operate whether you are a young teen, or busy grandparent it gets the job done quick easy and effortless. I am a very busy mom of an active year old I praise my yard man12.5 hp mower for making my life and yard work a cinch. I own 6 acres of very fertile yard that has to be mowed weekly and the yard man mower model# 13AC76LF055 makes it fast fun and makes my yard look beautiful. We have so many compliment's from Friends neighbors and family of how beautifully our  landscaping and lawn looks and those praises go 100% to the yard man..

Tomahawk, KY


Yard Man 38" 12.5-HP Riding Lawn Mower

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