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log splitter
Yard Machines
Yard Machines Log Splitter - 25 ton 6 hp

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Splitting logs or wood is a breeze with Yard Machines.


I am a part owner of a Yard Machines log splittler. They are expensive, so my Dad, his buddy, and I went together and got the wood splitter. Anyone who has split logs or wood by hand will know that's a really hard job. I'm not really big enough or strong enough to do many splits. My Dad and his friend were getting on up in years. So, it made sense to get a machine to take care of the larger pieces of wood. I wasn't so sure about the Yard Machines brand, since I'd had a lawnmower by that brand that really was cheap and junky. It only lasted a couple of years and was a rider. I was not impressed. Yard Machines did get it right with the log splitter. It's been in my garage at least six years with no repairs needed. The only issue that came up was the tires with Dad and his friend taking it to Virginia (3 plus hrs away) to split wood for my aunt. That was hard on the tires with pulling the wood splitter behind the truck. We just got a pull behind cart which takes the weight and miles off the tires. The Yard Machine log splitter is easy to use. Just put the log in there, and it has enough power to slowly crunch the wood apart. It even works fine on the really big pieces of wood and ones that have knots and so on. My Dad died in a traffic accident three years ago, so now his friend and I co-own the wood splitter. I have garage space, and he doesn't. So, I provide the space for the log splitter (which is big), and he does most of the work with my boys helping out some. The Yard Machine wood splitter does a nice job on the wood. My fireplace is shallow, so a lot of the wood needs to be split down smaller. This wood splitter will get the wood down to sizes that I can use. I don't know a lot of technical details on the Yard Machines log splitter, but I know it works really well and that it's built well. It's had a lot of use with three owners and also splitting enough wood in Virginia to do all the heating for my aunt's house.  

southern, NC


Yard Machines Log Splitter - 25 ton 6 hp

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