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Yard Machines
Yard Machines Leaf Blower 24A652D700

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Very Powerful


I was given a Yard Machines Leaf Blower by a relative who was moving across the country and no longer had a need for a leaf blower. At first I was thrilled at the idea of this giant blower but I quickly became disillusioned. The blower is great for moving large quantities of leaves around, but it is very difficult to control the direction of the leaves. So, while it's awesome at clearing out my flower beds of each and every leaf it just blows them onto my lawn where I need to remove them with another method rather than just continuing to blow them into a pile. Pile creation is not possible because this is just so powerful. This is awesome at blowing leaves out of my gardens and flower beds. It's awesome at blowing leaves into the woods. It's just not awesome at the majority of the lawn area. It also absolutely cannot be used near mulch. Your mulch/wood chips will simply be blown away because this is just so darn powerful! So, while I continue to use this to thoroughly clean out my gardens of every last leaf, and it does wonders along buildings, it just doesn't have enough control for most projects.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Professional Grade at Homeowners Price.


I bought the Yard Machines Leaf Blower 24A652D700 for my landscaping business. I did not know what to expect, but the price was within my budget. I have never purchased a piece of landscaping equipment and been so happy with it. This leaf blower handles everything. I use it to blow leaves, clean off parking lots, and much much more. Weight The Yard Machines Leaf Blower is not lightweight, but it has large wheels which roll very easy. A self propelled version would be unbelievable. Performance This machine clears everything you task it with. Ease of Use Start your Yard Machines Leaf Blower and go to work. Mine always starts within three pulls of the starter cord. Durability I have owned and used my Yard Machines Leaf Blower in a commercial business for five years with never having it break. I have literally blown more than a few hundred acres of leaves with this machine. It is the bees knees of leaf blowers.



The Yard Machine Push Behind Leaf Blower does a lot of work fast


The Yard Machine push behind leaf blower is fantastic if you have a large area  of leaf's to rake!  It can clean up an average size yard in about 10 minutes!  And without breaking your back and arms raking leaves or trying to harness a leaf blower to your body.  It is a heavy leaf blower weighing about 125lbs but it pushes like a baby stroller!  It is loud, which is one short downfall of this product.  Other than that I can't say anything but good things about this leaf blower.  It is a little pricey but well worth the money if you have a very large yard or are a landscaper needing jobs done quick!

Creve Coeur, IL


Yard Machines Leaf Blower 24A652D700

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