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Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher Phytum Hair Care

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The shampoo to buy for good clean, & healthy hair.


I started using this shampoo about a year ago. It does everything that I was looking for in a good shampoo. Quite often on sale and even when it isn't I still prefer this shampoo. It leaves your haior healthy, soft, shiny & invigorating.

Red Oak, TX


Phytum Shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean


I started purchasing this shampoo about a year ago, and I use it fairly regularly, although I do change brands from time to time. I usually purchase the mint fragrance. I recently purchased the lavendar fragrance for the first time, but I haven't tried it yet. I have very fine hair and it tends to look oily if I don't use the right shampoo, even if I shampoo on a daily basis. I have found that transparent or "semi-transparent" shampoos work the best for me, as opposed to creamier shampoos. I liked this product right away, as soon as I started using it - I liked the fragrance and it left my hair feeling very clean. I never have to worry about my hair looking oily later in the day when I use this shampoo. This is one of the best shampoos that I have tried for my hair, so far. I think that it is a great product for the price, and it is often on sale. I would recommend this line of shampoo to anyone, but particularly to someone who has fine, thin or oily hair.   

Cincinnati, OH


Yves Rocher Phytum Hair Care

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