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YOYO Lipgloss

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Great for not losing it in your purse or backpack.


This lip gloss is great for all ages.  For kids it's a lot of fun, and adults can clip it to their purse so it doesn't get lost in the great unknown below!  There is a great variety of flavors and they smell great.  The only drawback is I can only get them online, so the shipping costs outweigh ordering them.

Spencerville, OH


super soft lips


YOYO Lip Gloss is a really fun and upbeat Lip Gloss that can be used by a person of any age. That's what makes it so fun it doesn't matter if your 8 , 18 or 30 in my case youcan still use it and enjoy. Myself personally is famous for always losing my lip care products it's like there is a big hole at the bottom of my purse that eats  my lip gloss when I throw it in there. Not with YOYO though the lip gloss comes a a retractable cord and on one end of the cord you have your lip gloss and on the other end is a nifty little clip that you can clip to the inside of your purse , backpack or even to the posket of your jeans if you wanted too.There are several fun flavors to chose from like Cha Cha Chocolate, Big Bounce Bubblegum , Kissable kiwi and even Girly Green Apple. You can order these right at http://www.yoyolipgloss.com/ . When you get to the site you will see that they offer many fun things to do while your there. I recommend subscribing to their blog by email or following them on twitter so that you are kept up to date with all of their promtions and products that are available. To enter for a chance to win a set of 4 YOYO Lip Gloss mInis go to http://www.your-surveyjunkie.net.tf 3 winners will be chosen on December 18,2009

Pittsfield, MA


Shiny Lipgloss


I just discovered YOYO Lipgloss and really love it.  There are only a few products available, but it comes in great flavors and looks great on your lips.  Each lipgloss adds lots of shine to your lips and keeps them moisturized.  My favorite is the Rowdy Raspberry that is sweetly flavored and lasts a long time.  These are easy to apply and come in great colors.

Las Vegas, NV


YOYO Lipgloss

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