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YOUniverse Electronic Money Jar

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Is It worth the dough??


This jar is worth way more than I had to spend on it and it is helping to teach my children a lot more about patience and responsibility. The Jar also makes a great gift and it's reusable. The money jar is definitely good though and I will purchase another one in the future. The only downside to the jar is that it is not yet available in all states but overall my purchase went well and I am happy with the product.



All 3 of my kids LOVED this!


I bought one of these for each of my 3 kids...ages 10, 7, 5, and they all three loved it...they have really gotten in to saving! They had no problems working the lid, which I had read was difficult to get on...and they've each had theirs for over 6 months with no damage what so ever...seems very durable.

San Bernardino, CA


Love the way kids learn to earn and save!


I love this money counting jar - my kids earn money for doing extra little things around the house and for making good choices throughout the day. They love to put their coins into the opening and see how much that coin was worth and then how much total money they have saved. It is great to watch the jar fill up quickly. It is large enough to hold a decent amount of money but also small enough that the kids see quick results in their savings. I love that it is durable plastic and light weight to carry around. It does seem to me that the lid is hard to put back on correctly - the threads don't seem to match exactly but the nice thing is that the lid doesn't have to be on totally for it to work... it doesn't reset when you open the lid, only when someone pushes in a tiny little button (great for keepign kids from accidentally resetting it).

Mason, OH


I bought this to fill my son's piggy bank


I guess I am still a kid at heart too - I bought this for my son when he was born and started saving all of our spare change for him.  I love to see how it adds up everytime we add more coins to it.  It actually is kind of nice knowing how much you can actually save by just putting your spare change and it adds up fast.  we save it all for our little one and when it is full we just brought it to the coin counter at the bank and then we knew about how much was in the bank.  It was not 100% accurate so it probably made a few errors with the amounts of the coins when they were placed in - when I added alot of coins at once I did not always check to see if it was accurate in amount as I placed each coin in.  But it is fun to know about how much money you have in savings at a certain time.  I am sure that it is a great gift for an older child to know how much money they have in their piggy banks for savings.

White Plains, NY


If you have money to waste


Have you ever felt that you were just pissing money down the drain?  Well, if you have never experienced that pitiful situation before, you may want to try buying one of these YOUniverse Electronic Money Jars.  It may make you smile when you first see the idea, but it has no real value beyond being an expensive paperweight. This product is too juvenile for anyone who is a teen or older.  For anyone younger than that, its just one of those products that small children fear as much as receiving clothes as a gift.  Most children would probably prefer a regular glass jar over this to save their money.  In fact, the average kid would probably rather put all their savings and gifted money in the bank rather than use or receive one of these Electronic Money Jars. This product just doesn't have anything going for it.  It makes for a disappointing gift and on top of that, its conventional use is the equivalent of using a glass jar or any other container to throw excess change in.  This product is a joke.

Cherry Hill, NJ


Universe Money Jar is great for kids learing how to count money


I bought this for my son a couple years ago and he loves it.  It actually taught him how to count the money before you put it in.  He wanted to see if he was correct.  The only bad thing that I have found is you can't put the money in real fast after one another.

Phenix City, AL


YOUniverse Electronic Money Jar

3.8 6