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Xtreme Chemical Company
Xtreme Chemical Company Chemical Cleaner

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This is a scam


The salesperson will come to your door with a bottle of this "miracle" cleaner that will do any surface that can get wet. Driveways, brass, glass, stove tops, laundry, carpets, etc. The salesperson even shows you how wonderful it is by cleaning several surfaces around your house. One swipe and my brass door knocker was clean! A little spray and and a black mold growth on my concrete sidewalk was gone! Trouble with this product is that what you see is NOT what you get! The product that you actually buy (it is very expensive also) is not what the salesperson has in their little bottle! What I got wouldn't clean the rest of the brass door knocker, oil spot in the garage, or the rest of the black mold on my sidewalk. The company is out of Texas and they quarentee the product BUT you have only 3 business days (including Saturday which they are not open) to request a refund. Many people have posted on a review site that they requested a refund and after 6 weeks and much run-a-round, they are still waiting for the return of their money. Stay clear of this scam. If they want to sell this product to you, demand a demonstration with the container you are purchasing to be sure it is the same thing in their spray bottle! They will probably refuse that request...

Bedford, PA


Xtreme Chemical Company Chemical Cleaner

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