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Laundry Detergent
Xtra Scent Sations Liquid Laundry Detergent - Spring Sunshine

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Xtra Scent Sations Laundry Detergent is just ok


I generally only buy Xtra Scent Santions laundry detergent when I am running short of money because you can always get it really cheap and have gotten it for .99 cents a bottle in the past. Usually it is around 1.99 a bottle and like the expression goes, you get what you pay for. You have to use a lot more detergent that you would with a major brand. It is not the best at cleaning either and I have found that at times it will leave a white residue all over my dark clothes or stain them with some sort of weird white stain, almost like a bleach but not as bad. It smells nice but does not do a good job of cleaning. It is okay for sensitive skin as it does not leave your skin irritated or with a rash. It is gentle enough for babies clothes but does not get out stubborn stains.. The only good thing about this detergent is the smell and the price. The cleaning power is just about average, nothing great. It does not seem to be very good at removing stains and leaving your clothes super clean.


New Egypt, NJ


I Love It!


I've got eight people living in my house, and we all need to do laundry. Our washer and dryer are used almost everyday. Can you imagine if I bought Tide, or any of the other not-so-inexpensive brands? Gosh, I don't even want to imagine that. This detergent works for my family of eight. Our clothes get clean, they smell good and fresh, and I'm not spending a fortune on laundry detergent! And believe me, the clothes are definitely dirty and smelly when they go in the wash. With six and seven year old boys, two teenage boys, a one and a half month old, and three adults, there's no way clothes stay clean. I do have to use a stain remover separate from Xtra detergent, but with the money I save buying this product instead of the large name-brand detergent, it's worth it. I'd recommend it to anyone with kids or a large family. Every penny counts nowadays and the more you save the better. Or at least it is in my book.




Cheap but Effective


Cheap does not always mean bad. When it comes to this liquid laundry detergent it is definitely one of the cheaper priced products on the market but still works just as good as the big names. The bottle is easy to handle and pour with one hand without fear of making a mess. The nozzle is smaller inside the cap to keep any drips contained instead of running down the side of the bottle when putting it back on the shelf. The bottle is a stand up design so you do not have to worry about a goopy puddle under the nozzle like other push button bottles that sit on their side and dispense. One cap full per load is enough for your laundry and gets it looking great without fading or taking a toll on the integrity of the fabric. It is also good for those with more sensitive skin, like me. I have not had any irritation or rashes using this product. This product come in a variety of scents as well, my favorite being Tropical Passion. There are also coupons that can be found for this brand which makes it an even better deal. I would recommend this product to others.




Good Budget Laundry Detergent


Whenever laundry detergent is on sale at a particular grocery store near me, I always load up. Xtra is one of the brands that they usually bring on sale. I cannot beat it for the price and value, but it is definitely not the best laundry detergent on the market. It has, in my experience, not washed through as well as other detergents and has left some residue behind in my clothes. Performance The only issue with this laundry detergent is in my smaller washer the soap would not get all the way run through by the amount of water used. This caused problems with soap getting clumped in the clothes which caused irritation against my skin. More expensive detergents typically have not had this problem, but again for the price you cannot beat it. Scent I like the scent for the most part. It is a little sweet and fruity, but good overall. It does not smell quite as long as more expensive detergents and it does smell kind of artificially.


Lake Villa, IL


Dont buy this, its a waste of money


I think this product has since been discontinued and probably for good reason. I bought this once, when we were on vacation and forgot to pack our usual favorite detergent. I was very very cheap which should have set off a flag right then and there. I decided to go ahead and get it anyhow, since we were only using it on vacation, it couldn't hurt, right? Well, I should have spent a little bit more and got the kind we usually like because I was very disappointed to find out that this soap was more like slippery water. The viscosity of it was weak, very watery and the scent was just as bad. It almost seemed like it just rinsed our clothes and didn't actually clean anything, I would not recommend this to anyone at all, even if you can still buy it. Performance I found that this soap seemed to suds up a lot but when we dried out clothes they didn't really look that much more clean than they were before. Scent Very weak smell that didn't last long or stay on my clothes at all




Not Perfect, But Good Overall


*Xtra Scent Sations Spring Sunshine* laundry detergent isn't the most powerful detergent out there, but for the price and size, it's a real gem amongst other bargain-brand detergents. The *Spring Sunshine* scent is a pleasing, light citrus-floral, with hints of orange blossoms touched with a few light accents of jasmine and freshly cut-green grasses, laced with a nice hint of muted woods like sandalwood to give it this refreshing, pleasing quality. It's not super-scented like many detergents, but has this overall freshness like early summer mornings at dawn, when the dew is still moist on the grass, and the cool breeze is laced with the scent of budding orange blossoms and the sweet warmth of night-blooming flowers. Once clothes have been dried, your laundry is left behind with this pleasing aroma of freshness that, while not prominent, is perfect for just everyday wear clothing. The actual performance of this detergent ranges from "Meh," to "Wow,", depending on what or how you use it. **Xtra** is *not* a detergent for washing in cold water, ever - this is better for tepid to very hot-water loads. It's perfect for lightly to moderately-soiled loads, but it will need extra-help and prep for heavily-soiled or difficult-to-clean laundry. It brightens whites, and is absolutely perfect for everyday use. The downsides? Well, if you love soft clothes, even without fabric softener, you might want to buy some, because **Xtra** doesn't leave your clothes with that delicious, pleasing softness that many other brands can deliver. While not uncomfortable, I did notice a change in texture in my laundry - shirts and towels went from pliable and comfortable to slightly stiffer and rougher than before, especially after several washes with **Xtra**. You need a little bit more than the recommended amount to get your clothes as clean as they should be, without residue or left-over stain spots, so it isn't as long-lasting as it claims to be. But, for the price, size, and lovely scent, this is the perfect 'back-up' product for your laundry if you, like me, purchase a name-brand detergent as well, and want to save on using that. This is great for people who don't have a lot of stains too treat, and just need a basic, everyday detergent to clean average loads of laundry.


Fullerton, CA


For the money Xtra gets the job done!


I have been using Xtra detergent for years, and the green bottle is my newest favorite. I do think the old Yellow bottle with bleach alternative worked a little better, but that one is no longer available in my area. I use this detergent for all my families clothes, and it works well as a general detergent. I always pre-treat stains, and if I miss one it will still be there after the wash, but I do believe that is so with most detergents. This detergent used qas a pre-treater directly on slightly wet clothing stains will work on most non-greasy stains. I add Tide in wash booster for greasy stains also onto the fabric first. This detergent does contain more water than many name brands, but if you compare the price per load you are getting an awesome bargain., and even the name brands need pre treating for stains.


Dover, DE


Xtra Scent Sations laundry detergent is the best detergent!!


It is the best laundery detergent for the price. I often can get it after coupon for .99 cents. That is the best price. It always works wonderful - cleans the clothes equally as well as name brand detergents.


Harrodsburg, KY


Great for your budget and for your Clothes!


I am really not brand loyal when it comes to saving money on laundry products. I choose products that I know are great values and WORK. This is why I like Xtra laundry detergent. I use it in my front laoder with no problem. It has a vey pleasent scent and cleans our laundry well, who could ask more from a laundry product. Xtra has a price that can't be beat and I find so many stores offering great sales on it. I am always looking for extra laundry detergents to add to my "stockpile" and I always have bottles of Xtra on hand. You really don't need to spend an arm and a leg on detergents, just stock up on Xtra get clean clothes and spend your money on fun stuff! Xtra comes in various scents, but the Spring Sunshine is my favorite.


Marion, NY


Xtra Scent Sations Laundry Detergent costs little to clean a lot


I didn't expect to like this laundry detergent. I bought it recently because it was on a sale too cheap not to give it a chance at a local drug store. It smells great! Of course, I had concerns that the great smell would overpower our clothing and possibly irritate the sensitive skin of some family members. Our clothes came out clean but not overpowered with scent! We are doing laundry with our second bottle with no skin irritations. I really like how the lid is very clearly marked with the load markings. I also found this detergent pours and measures quite easily. I was worried how long the bottle would last us as 28 loads doesn't sound like many to a family of four. While I didn't count out my laundry loads, I do think the bottle lasted us a reasonable amount of time. I also found that using the minimum amount of detergent is more than enough to clean our clothing. I will be buying this product again.


Independence, MO


Xtra Scent Sations Liquid Laundry Detergent - Spring Sunshine

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