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Nasal Relief
Xlear Nasal Wash

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What a relief.


When I was working at a grocery, I was recommended by a customer that I try out Xlear. I have bad sinus problems, and allergies. I'm an constantly stuffed up and I find that using a netty pot or a nose spray are the only things that give me relief. Xlear was one of the best nasal sprays i've tried so far. It worked to break up the mucus stuck in my nasal passages. It's amazing at how natural this spray is, because it works so well. I could finally breathe after using Xlear, and it didn't irritate my nose either which is a plus. It soothed my nasal passages while clearing them. It stopped me from having a bad runny nose, and helped a lot with my post nasal drip. It's also great because you can use it as often as you need to. Most nose sprays you can only use a few times a day, but not with Xlear. If you have sinus problems I do I would give this a try. It can be a bit pricey but it is worth every dime. Congestion Relief Xlear helped the clear congestion I had in my nasal passages so I could breathe clearly. Chest Congestion Relief N/A. It's not meant to help chest congestion. Relief of Aches & Pains N/A. It's not meant to relieve aches or pains. Cough Suppression N/A. It's not meant to suppress coughs.

Stroudsburg, PA


Xlear Nasal Wash: Irrigate your Nasal Passages with Xylitol


Nasal passages can become blocked for many different reasons. One doesn't have to catch a cold or the flu- a person can experience blockage due to allergies, sinusitis, and other conditions. Often, a simple washing of the nasal passages is all that is necessary to get them open and one unique product to consider using is Xlear Nasal Wash. Medicine Facts and Commentary: Xlear Nasal Wash is different from the typical nasal wash. It contains saline, like other nasal washes, but it also contains xylitol and grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. The xylitol helps to absorb moisture and the ingredients are natural, making Xlear Nasal Wash as safe as using ordinary saline. Xlear Nasal Wash is a different twist on a nasal solution- a product that takes the usual saline and enhances it slightly for more effective use. With my sinus problems, I have used just about every sinus product on the market at some point and I have an assortment of sinus sprays, saline, sinus tablets, and related products on hand at all times. I was drawn to this product when I heard it was a notch above ordinary saline. I had heard of xylitol before, but only as a sweetener for chewing gum. But so what- if it is effective, who cares what other uses it has, right? As for its effectiveness, Xlear Nasal Wash does work well at irrigating the nasal passages and making them feel soothed and clear. If I am experiencing blocked sinuses due to dryness, then I tend to prefer regular saline, but this product still works well and I like using it when I need to flush out my sinuses, absorb some moisture, and still leave them feeling a little moisturized and soothed. Bottom Line Viewpoint: Xlear Nasal Wash is an effective nasal wash for those with sinus issues who do not need a full medication treatment. It isn't going to unclog badly blocked sinuses the way a nasal spray can, but it does work well when you need your sinuses cleared but don't like the drying effect of antihistamines. Who would have thought that a chewing gum sweetener could be used for sinus problems? I never would have guessed, but the people at Xlear have shown that this ingredient has multiple uses and it makes a good choice for those with consistently troublesome sinuses who do not want to take medicines with artificial chemicals. Congestion Relief It does help to break up congestion and it is drug free. Chest Congestion Relief Not made for this purpoe Relief of Aches & Pains Not made for this purpose Cough Suppression Not made for this purpose

Houston, TX


Xlear Nasal wash works great


I wanted to try the Xlear saline nasal spray with Xylitol for awhile and finally did and I am really happy with it. I have sinus issues and allergies and I read about the benefits of washing the nasal passage with Xylitol. It works great!!!!! finally I can breathe. The best thing about this nasal spray is that it is natural and you can use it as often as you need too. It doesn't have a yucky taste to it, it doesn't sting or irritate the nose at all................The only con that I have with this nasal spray is the price, it is a little on the pricey side ( at least I think so) and I have year round allergies and sinusitis. I am willing to pay a little extra if it means that I get results, and with Xlear saline nasal spray you do. I have recommended it and will continue to recommend to those in need. I clears my head and my nasal passage fast, I never had to use it more than 3 or four times a day.

Latonia, KY


Xclear Nasal Wash is good, but not a cure-all.


I puuchased Xclear Nasal Wash several years ago, after seeing it on the shelf of my local health-food store and reading all I could about it.  At the time I was living with a sinus infection which I was using every natural means possible to eradicate, and which I finally got rid after 4 years by seeing a doctor and getting a round of Ampicillin.  The Xclear Nasal Wash was just one in a long succession of remedies I tried.  Xylitol appealed to me because it is a birch-derived sugar that inhibits the growth of bacteria (making it popular in natural toothpastes), and I hoped it would do that in my sinuses.  The main problem I had with this product was that, with my nasal passages blocked, there was no way the spray could get into my sinuses where it was needed., so I had no success with it.  Perhaps it's useful at the very beginning of an infection, so I'm saving it in case I ever get another, but for a full-blown infection it isn't a real help.

Penn Yan, NY


Stuffy Nose? Xlear it up!


I love this stuff!  Xlear, a play on the word clear, is a nasal spray combination of xylitol and saline.  Xylitol is a type of sugar that germs are attracted to, which helps draw them out of your nasal passages and into mucus that you can then expel.  The saline solution helps irrigate this process as well as sooth irritated nasal passages from all that nose blowing. Xlear is a great alternative to nasal sprays that include drugs, in that it helps reduce dependence on these medicines and allows the body's immune system to do it's job.  Simply by using a little salt water and sugar to draw the bacteria out and into your dirty tissues instead of your body. It is also helpful to use in conjunction with nasal sprays that use drugs, because sometimes your nasal passages are still irritated even though it's not time for another dose of medicated nasal spray, use Xlear to help tide over until you can take another medicated dose to prevent overdose and dependence. Xlear also comes in a kids formula, which can be safer than medicines designed for adults when young ones have a cold. I firmly believe in modern medicine, but I also firmly believe in too much of a good thing and the healing properties of much simpler natural and home remedies.  This is one I swear by. I am the daughter of a doctor and a dentist, who met in pharmacy school.  I'm well accustomed to medications and sometimes, I really would just rather use my Xlear.

Indianapolis, IN


Xlear Nasal Wash

4.4 5