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Wyler's   Mrs. Grass soup mix - Golden Flavor Nugget

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I will not buy this product again.


The soup without the golden nugget doesn't even come close to the taste of a much beloved lifetime soup. The best for a cold or sore throat. Now the taste is of black pepper and not much else. I will not longer purchase this brand. Bring back the nugget.

Cleveland Ohio


Want the golden nugget back!!!


This soup without the golden egg has no flavor!! I miss the old soup very much. It too was the best remedy for a cold or congestion for myself, children and grandchildren. Please consider to bring back the golden nugget. Those of us who love the old soup would buy it even with a price increase.

Colorado springs, Cplo


the new " Mrs Grass soup" is not even close to the old soup


The new Mrs grass is nothing like the old with the egg in. If you leave it this way I will never bye it again. It's the worst!!

Phoenix, Az


I also loved this soup & fed it to my familly


I finally remembered this soup & bought two boxes. What happened to the golden egg??

Englewood, Florida


I found the golden egg


When I was little and when I was sick my Mom would make me my favorite comfort food or was it the magic I liked? Mom had a hard time getting me to eat something when I was sick. She thought a little magic would do it and **Mrs. Grass soup mix **with the golden egg was the trick. She would put three cups of water into a pan on the stove and then stir in the contents of the soup mix box (noodle mixture, seasoning packet and under her supervision would let me drop in the "golden egg").  This egg is filled with chicken flavor.  She would put the pan back on the back burner, bring it to a boil and have me sit on a stool or hold me to watch the magic egg disappear. By gosh it disappeared and made this soup even more tasty.  Mom would serve it to me with a glass of milk and some saltines.  She was happy I ate and I just wondered where the magic egg went too (I was little).  I now have this soup on hand when my husband or I are under the weather.  I would tell you where the egg went, but I can't give away the magic trick. Mrs. Grass comes with two individual cartons and each carton make 3 one cup servings.  Being the adult...it has 700 mg of sodium (which is something I try to stay away from, but rules are OK to be broken when you have a cold, I think), 110 calories for a cup, two grams of fat and carbs 19g.  Look for the package with 40% more mini noodles. This is a fun little soup. No fun shapes, just a little golden egg with great flavor and fun.

Appleton, WI


Wyler's Mrs. Grass soup mix - Golden Flavor Nugget

2.4 5