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World Market
World Market Sourav Dining Table

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Gorgeous and Durable Table and Benches


I have two of these tables with the matching benches. One set is in my primary residence and the other is in our vacation rental property in the Outer Banks. We receive constant questions and compliments on this table and the benches, everyone loves this set and where can we buy! The set has endured weekly use in both locations with outstanding results. It is necessary to wipe down if food/liquid happens to land on the table top or bench tops. Any wear on either surface can be easily corrected with a bit of similar stain on a rag. These dining sets are probably 2 of the best furniture purchases I've ever made! Bring back this design so I can buy the side table and china cabinet if available!!

Kitty Hawk, Nc


World Market Sourav collection - Fantastic!!


World Market Sourav collection - Fantastic!! I was in love with this line of furniture at World Market ever since I saw it. I have not seen any furniture as solid and heavy as this. It is Seesham wood and the furniture is made by hand in India. The craftmanship & finish is great. It is the type of furniture that could be passed on from generation to generation. It has the chisseled finish on top and is a very solid table that makes it very easy to manage especially in a home with kids. The style never looks old. We already have the dining set, coffee table & end table in this colection. The only thing you have to be careful while buying this is that the pieces may have variations in color as they are polished by hand so some pieces may be ligher than the others. The only thing that I would have loved even more would be if even the chairs that come with the collection had the chisseled rough finish. That would make the chairs look great. For the price it is a very expensive looking dark wood dining set. I get compliments on it all the time & truly very easy to maintain. Worth the money!!

Jacksonville, FL


Beautiful, sturdy, unbeatable value, hard to clean!


A year ago, I bought the Sourav dining table and bench from World Market. I was dying for a farmhouse style table, and the Sourav style delivered, with the beautiful top that looks distressed and old-world style, the beautiful turned legs, and the warm, dark stain. I get more compliments on this table than any other piece of furniture I own--it is truly gorgeous and screams quality. You cannot beat WM's prices for similar quality furniture. You could easily pay 3-4x the amount I paid on a comparable table at a home store. It holds up well, also--I have two very active (read: sometimes destructive) preschool boys who love to horse around at the table. They have been so hard on the table and bench. I keep fearing they will become wobbly, but no--they have held up beautifully. My one complaint, which probably also stems from my messy kids, is that the table is hard to clean. The distressing, while beautiful, means that there are deep crevices. Most things come off just fine, and I can get them out, but I will tell you what has given me trouble--YOGURT. I have white stuff in so many crevices that I will have to dig out with toothbrush bristles, I think. What I wish I would have done is given the top of the table an extra coat of polyurethane right after I got it. It would have filled the holes invisibly and allowed for easier clean up.  

Tracy, MN


World Market Sourav Dining Table

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