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Wooster Pro Classic Paint Brush - All Paints and Stains

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Great long lasting brushes - great value.


I have been using these brushes for 20 years. I just retired a couple of 10 year old brushes and had no question replacing them with new Wooster Pro Classics. All it takes is a bit of cleaning (I use fabric softener and water) and proper storage and these brushes will last and last and good a great job applying any paint.




a nice brush but there are better ones


This is a nice brush for the do it yourselfer but there are better brushes out there for not much more money.  Getting the right brush for the job is the key for the perfect finish.  How you hold and use a brush makes a difference as well.  If you have trouble cutting a clean line then hold a brush with both hands to help study your hand and then make your cut.  Also use an angled edge brush to fit square to the wall and that will help keep those lines clean like the pros. 


Springfield, OR


This is the best, longest-lasting paintbrush ever!


This paint brush is one of the only brands my husband and I will use when painting our house.  It is super easy to clean, and well worth it, because of the ability to continue use. I would recommend this product to anyone!


Vancleave, MS


good brushes make good painters


What you have here is a fine, if unspectacular, paint brush. The casual painter will appreciate the Wooster Pro Classic for its easy handling and smooth, no-frills grip.140 The professional will admire its durability and clean edges. It is more expensive than many of the other high-end brushes -- more than I would lightly spend given the wide array of options available today -- but its price tag is not unwarranted by its quality. This is a good, solid paint brush.


Sarasota, FL


feels like a feather


very nice equipment. well made & well balanced. if you properly care for the brushes, they will last! this is silly, since they want me to write 250 characters. how much can you say about paint brushes? either they are cheap & fall apart after one use or they are well-made and will last a long time if you wash them properly after each use, store them properly & do not let your wife destraoy them!   how am I doing? Did I reach the 250 character minimum yet? I hope so, because my fingers are getting tired. I am a good painter- careful & neat- but I am a poor typist.   thanks. sincerely yours, dogmeat.


Warminster, PA


Very nice brush


I am a little biased since Wooster sent me some free samples.  The brush has a nice weight and is easy to hold.  No strain on the hand.  The best thing is the bristles don't come out like most other brushes.  Clean up is fairly easy with warm water and detergent.  Used it longer than most brushes.


Virginia Beach, VA


Buy a good paint brush if you want good results.


I get sucked in on the various MAGIC edger products for paint. It is hard to do the edges and corners. A lot of companies come up with all kinds of tools to make such work idiot proof, but I end up the idiot when I buy these products. A good quality brush is they key when doing the detail paint work. Some day there may be a better option. For now, that's the bottom line - a quality brush. Wooster makes great brushes. They are not MAGIC. They are just good qualtiy brushes, but that's what you need to do the painting especially near the ceiling and near the floor. For really tight spots, the angled Wooster is the brush. It does help, too, to have a nice steady hand. But, a steady hand won't help with a low quality brush with sprawling bristles. I've bought a couple of cheap brushes and regretted it. If you invest in a Wooster brush, then be sure to wash it when you're done. All you need is water with latex paint. Run water over the brush until it runs clean. Then, you can use the brush over and over. If you use oil paint, then buy the cleaner for that. Wash the brush. It will be fine to use again. I know it's tempting to buy the cheap stuff for painting. I've gone that route myself. It is not that much more expensive to get good quality and make the job easier and use the product over and over.  


southern, NC


Wooster Pro Classic Paint Brush - All Paints and Stains

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