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Woolzies Dryer Balls Fabric Softener

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The Multi-Purpose Dryer Tool


These wool dryer balls are so neat! They're all natural, safe for people with wool allergies, guarenteed up to 1,000 dryer loads, and serve triple duty as a natural fabric softener, a static reducer, and a time and heat energy saver. When you throw the wool balls in the dryer with your load of clothes, towels, sheets, etc., you're saving money by not having to purchase and use disposable frabric softener sheets (which often have a lot of harsh chemicals in them, are pricey and, over time, can reduce a towel's ability to absorb water), and the balls also bounce and roll around to help keep space in your dryer so all your wet items don't clump together and take even longer to dry or only spot dry here and there, leaving some clothing extra dry and other areas still damp - it's helps keep them apart so that the time your clothing needs to spend in the dryer is reduced by about 25%. I tried these for the first time with five loads of laundry yesterday (clothing, towels, and sheets/blankets) and I was pleased with how they worked. I didn't need to use fabric softener sheets, and with these wool balls, my clothes still came out static free and soft. Plus, the towels and sheets and blankets took way less time to dry than usual and I found that they dried more evenly as well. I also really like that they can be used for up to 1,000 loads in the dryer, so it's good for the enviornment and my wallet too.



Woolzies Dryer Balls Fabric Softener

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