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Woolite Pet Urine Eliminator

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Really KILLS awful smells!


This product is amazing! I have tried several products to get cat urine smell out of my furniture. Most products are expensive and have an odd smell that they leave behind. This product can be found at a fair price and coupons for it are super easy to find. It also have an amazing fresh scent that it leaves behind. It doesn't just mask the pet urine smell it actually removes it. So many other products scent the area and a day later you can smell the urine odor again. Not with this product! Once the fresh scent disappears the urine smell is no longer there. I also love that this comes in a spray bottle. So many of these types of products comes in a bottle you have to pour. I always feel like use too much when I pour. The spray saves me from wasting the product! LOVE this stuff!


Iliff, CO


Woolite Pet Urine Eliminator

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