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Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret

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Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret is great.


I have a favorite rain coat that has to be dry clean only...someone spilled something on a chair and I put my coat on that chair. I has this Woolite product in my cupboard so I tried it and the stains came right out..I was thrilled and will this in the furutre.

Denver, CO


Worth looking for...


I am all about ease and convenience.  This product fits both.  I discovered **Dry Cleaner's Secret **years ago and have gone out of my way to find it.  Since it is not carried in every store I keep my laundry room stocked up so that I am never without it. **Reasons to Try Dry Cleaner's Secret:** Dry Cleaner's Secret **costs a fraction of professional dry cleaning**. There is **no bulky bag** to deal with. It can **safely remove spots** by following simple directions included on package. **How it Works:** Dry Cleaner's Secret works with the **medium heat** setting of the dryer to release a safe, non-toxic vapor that penetrates fabric to remove odor and freshen clothes without shrinking or fading.  Simply place 1-4 garments of similar weight and color into the dryer.  Open one of the individually packaged cleaning sheets, remove, unfold and place in dryer with garments.  Tumble dry on medium heat for **20 minutes**.  That's it!  Honest. Remove the garments immediately and hang or wear. This product is completely safe to use and is endorsed by the Queen of Clean herself. **Complete Guarantee:** Dry Cleaner's Secret is so sure that you will be satisfied with their product that they offer a full refund guarantee.  Simply return the unopened packets along with the receipt of price paid and they will refund the full price.

Northern, FL


Cheaper than taking the clothes to the local cleaners....


I was doubtful at first..but they do work.. Just for light cleaning...and toss the item/items in the dryer..and add the sheet according to directions..They do come out cleaner... Saves travel time..and money..and done when you need it to be done.. Handy... Would I use this product all the time..I think not...but for once in a while dry cleaning..it works...

Medinah, IL


Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret

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