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Woolite Complete Laundry Detergent

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Not harsh on clothes


We use this stuff on the babies clothes as they get washed almost daily with all the spills. We have noticed that her clothes are not as stiff and softer when we use woolite instead of the kirkland free and clear. We have to spot clean with Shout but this is nice for general cleaning when it is a lightly soiled. Performance This is a good product for light soiling and used in conjunction with a spot cleaner we are pretty happy with the product Scent Very neutral scent. The less the better for us.

Mountain View, CA


Woolite Complete keeps clothes nicer, longer, but not cleaner.


I grew up with Tide and Woolite. These were the only laundry detergents my mother would use. As an adult, I never used Woolite. We just don't have a lot of "delicate" stuff in the family. My husband uses the dry cleaners for his work clothes and I hand wash the few things I do have that are not machine washable. I got a coupon for this product and figured I would try it. This Woolite claimed to be good for all your laundry and I remember my mom using it and loving the smell. I went through a whole bottle of this before writing a review. I really wanted to make sure I used it on all our clothes to find out if it lived up to the claims. The claims are that Woolite Complete washes out dirt from all fabrics of all types and colors while helping to keep it looking new. It protects against fiber damage, fading and shape loss. I thought that was a lot to ask of one product, to clean all types of clothes and protect them from damage. Well, there is a lot to like about this product, so I rated it average. But it is not going to clean all your laundry, at least it didn't clean all mine. First, the good, and Woolite Complete is really good. I love the smell! I loved taking the clothes from the washer and putting them in the dryer for that reason. Our sweaters and light cottons didn't stretch out. My kids' fleece tops didn't pill. My clothes didn't feel stiff. My wool socks did not shrink. Colors stayed true. My husband's dress shirts came out great. My girls' legging didn't get ruined in any way. For just about every load, I was completely satisfied. Except the dreaded work out clothes. To be fair many detergents haven't stood a chance to my husband's work out clothes. Especially after they have been balled up and had a few days to really stew in their own stink. That under-armor stuff may be the best thing to happen to the active man, but it really doesn't please me to have to try to clean it. So Woolite Complete didn't even come close to getting it clean. It came out just as stinky with a slight overtone of Woolite. I really like Woolite complete and will buy it to have on hand, but it will not be the only detergant I use for sure. I had to pretreat all the stains because Woolite Complete doesn't get DIRTY (food stains, grass, etc) clothes totally clean. I had to re-wash a couple loads before I figured this out. And it sure is not for clothes that have been through a good workout either. I recommend this product for less dirty, less sturdy clothes. Woolite Complete is good, but it is not complete.

cape cod, MA


Woolite Complete Laundry Detergent

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