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Woolite Carpet POD

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This is easily refillable


This is the easiest and handiest little tool I've ever had. I'm reading people are disappointed because it's not refillable; I have been using this for years and it is easily refillable. The sponge is long gone but didn't use that much anyway!


DeBary, Fl

This is a life saver


I love this pod!! It will cleanup those stains that "magically appear."  This pod will cleanup anything my son, husband, the dog or myself can spill on the carpet.  I even had a very large set in stain of ketchup that had been on the carpet for close to six months, I tried everything, short of calling the professionals.  I brought the pod and the stain was gone.  I anyways have a pod in my kitchen, waiting for the next stain.   I just wish that it was refillable. 


Kendall Park, NJ


This product was a total disappointment to me.


I was very excited when I saw the commercial on television for the Woolite Carpet Pod. I have many animals and something like this would make my life easier, animals do have accidents, the more animals, the more accidents! One of the dogs had thrown up and it left a stain on my bedroom wool carpet. I rushed out and bought the Woolite Pod and it did not remove the stain at all. The commercial makes it look so easy. I scrubbed and scrubbed and no progress was made. I ended up throwing out this useless tool. I had confidence that with Woolite behind it, it would be a quality product but I can't say that and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


Aurora, IN


I Really Like The Woolite Pod


I kind of did this review backwards. I should of read the reviews before I bought the Woolite Pod. However I bought the Woolite Pod before I read the reviews. It worked out very well though. If I had of read the reviews first I may not of bought the Woolite Pod. It seems that the reviewers either love the Woolite Pod or they hate it. The Woolite Pod is made up of different sections. The yellow area on the bottem of the pod is actually a sponge that can be used to dispense the Woolite Cleaning solution and it can also be used to scrub the soiled area of the carpet.The blue area next to the yellow area actually are bristles for scrubbing. The large white area contains the Woolite cleaning solution. If you squeeze the white area it dispenses the Woolite Solution onto the sponge. For deeper and tougher stains you can use the bristles to scrub. On the end of the Woolite Pod, next to the womans' wrist in the picture are a few comb like bristles. These are used to "comb out" the nap in the carpet. I really like the Woolite Pod. It is a nice little gadget that cleans even the toughest of stains out of your carpet. My Woolite Pod has not bleached out my carpet at all.


Rocky Mount, NC


Woolite Carpet POD is a convenient way to clean


I absolutely loved using the Woolite carpet POD to clean up my cat's messes. It was convenient and effective. I only wish that they were refillable. I haven't been able to find them in my local stores in awhile, but if I found them for sale, I would definitely buy one again.


Glen Burnie, MD


Not worth anything!


I got this on sale with a coupon and I still feel as if I over paided for this item. This thing was a waste of time and money! It holds a very small amount of fluid and does not remove stains at all! It leaves a bleachy kind of spot but the stain is still in the middle of the bleach spot! And I have no idea what you are suppose to do with the the little brush part on the side. It does nothing at all! The bristles are not of any use at all! And in my case they kept popping off and just became a pain in the butt. I also hated the smell. Maybe I got a bad batch but it smelled almost sour and lingered for hours! I burned candles and had to open all the windows to get the smell out of the house. Yes it is a nice small package that fits in your hand nicely but other than that I can not find anything positive to say about this product. I have had many good experiences with other Woolite products so this was a huge suprise.


Schenectady, NY


Compact powerhouse! Works great and is inexpensive.


I purchased the pod because it was on sale and I had a great coupon that made it almost free. I was so pleasantly surprised with how well it worked! I have four children and two cats.  Between spills, mud and occasional hairballs.. keeping the small stains at bay between steam cleanings can be a challenge.  The pod is quick and easy and really does the job.  You give it a little squeeze to dispense the cleaning solution on the area and it has a scrubber and comb attached to help clean the area.  The only cons I have for the product is that it is sometimes hard to find in the stores and I wish it was refillable.


Jacksonville, FL




The Woolite pod is eye-catching, as it is a cleaning fluid capsule and brush all in one. According to the instructions, you squeeze liquid onto to stain, brush it in, and let dry. I used it on a pet stain (as recommended use), but it did not remove the stain at all. A lot of product was needed for only a small area, and the capsule is leaky and messy.


Hackettstown, NJ


Do not buy this, it bleached out my carpet in spots.


This product had good intentions. I tried it out on some spots on my beige carpet. I did what the instructions said and most of the stains did go away. However, after the carpet dried, spots of whitened areas appeared where I had applied it. I would not use this as it seemed to bleach the spots away. Luckily my carpet is already somewhat light so it is not as noticeable. I would not spend any money on this product unless you are willing to see bleached out spots.


Glen Carbon, IL




We have messy friends and a messy pet and light carpets. This thing is amazing! It really works like the commercial. The stain just disappears. It only works on a small area; you wouldn't want to do your entire room with the little handheld thing. But for small accidents, I love it!


Lewis Center, OH


Woolite Carpet POD

3.5 11