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WonderWood Wood Stove

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do not buy


First winter the handle fell off, second winter the bolts that hold the back together melted off. this year the fire bricks fell apart this is the worse wood burner I have ever had

williasburh mo


Loads and loads of Heat!!


Wonderwood wood-stove is wonderful to sum up in one word. It provides wonderful heat and can keep you warn and toasty. It is very easy to manage as i am not a pro at it and was able to learn it in just a little bit. It was easy to install and easy to care for. On cold nights you are very appreciative of it. It heats pretty much our whole house. It has a blower fan on it. We purchased it used so we got it at a good price but at any price this is worth it. The fire box is of good size so you can fill it up while you are gone and keep it well maintained during the day. I fill it every few hours. In this economy wood is cheaper than other fuels and other sources of heat and I absolutely recommend this type of wood-stove.   

Marathonmarathon, NY


made in china when it says made in USA on box


wonder wood heater . it's pityful !  shopping for a good heater when on the box it had made in USA . in reality it's made in CHINA stamped all over it . ???????  evidently the company doesnt like china products either they didnt put it on the box ?  go figure !  i paid a good deal of money for a heater made in china! and i wouldnt have if i had known it .. OH! i get it that is what they want . for consumers to buy the china junk at a usa price . OWELL! i guess that's the free trade we keep hearing about . 

Collinsville, AL


wonderwood wood stove review.


Years ago I had a ashley impereal wood stove,sold it and tried a new lopi leyden ,was very sorry i did,they no longer sell ashley new,so I thought a wonderwood was close to the same design,and I bought one,narrower fire box on the wonderwood,but holds enough wood for a overnight burn,heats well but a different draft control design than ashley,ashley was a far better design,draft control pings almost non stop on the wonderwood,I put a manual draft control on the ash pan door,do not use the auto draft control now, and it works pretty well,I am disapointed though because the main reason for buying the wonderwood was for the auto draft,also the ash pan needs emptied more often than the ashley.

Lachine, MI


WonderWood Wood Stove

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