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Women Mitchum Advanced Invisible Solid Women's Deodorant

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Women's Mitchum Solid Deodorant


I generally buy Women's Mitchum over other choices. It is my first choice for deodorant. I do not sweat profusely and I live in a warm state, especially in summer. This deodorant works. I feel confident about it, even on a very hot day. However, I have been known to shower more than once a day when the temperature is unbearably hot, like 110 degrees or more! But the deodorant really does work. It is clear, dries pretty fast or maybe in just a few seconds after application. Feels cool, but then dries and you feel clean, refreshed, confident and without white residue on your clothes. Again, I am not a profuse sweating type person, but I still want to feel confident that any odor would not have to be a worry at all. So I use women's Mitchum.

Phoenix, AZ


Best new deodorant!


I picked this deodorant and anti-perspirant simply because it was the cheapest brand name deodorant at the store I went to. I smelled it and thought it was something I could live with. The scent is called Pure Fresh, and that is exactly how I would describe it. I like the scent a lot, but it is not overpowering. I applied this deodorant before a hard workout and was pleasantly surprised. It kept my underarm wetness to a minimum while also controlling odor. It is an invisible solid, so it didn't leave any white marks on the black clothes I was wearing for working out. This was a huge plus for me since my previous deodorant left white marks on everything. This deodorant contains vitamin e and aloe which soothes the skin. That is helpful to me since I tend to have sensitive underarm skin. The formula releases pure oxygen, which is a natural odor fighter, throughout the day to help eliminate odor caused by bacteria. It claims to provide 48 hour protection which I haven't tested since I automatically reapply daily. My new favorite deodorant!



Women Mitchum Advanced Invisible Solid Women's Deodorant

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