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Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck Panini Duet & Multipurpose Grill

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This is only one of Wolfgangs great appliances!


- **I absolutely love Wolfgang Pucks Panni Maker & Multipurpose Grill.** - **I have had mine about 2 years and we use it a lot for grilling marinated chicken breast, sandwiches, you can make thick sandwiches, that is what my husband likes the thicker the better with gooey cheese melting down the sides. ** - **It cooks evenly you don't have to turn anything.** - **You can also make great bacon on it too. ** - **Wolfgangs Panni Grill is great to have when you have a power outage. We used ours when we had the generator runnig after a hurricane. So we ate well.** - **The cleanup is easy just pop the plates off and put them in the dishwasher or let them sit in hot soapy water 5 minutes and everything comes right off.**


Gboro, NC


Wolfgang Puck Panini press fun but ordinary


I grew up on grilled cheeses and grilled ham-n-cheeses so this is one girl who loves warm sandwhiches! When I moved out on my own I decided to purchase a panini maker and at that point I had very little knowledge on appliances. I remember hearing that "Wolfgang Puck" was a good brand so that is why I chose the one that I did! The first few months I used this product almost daily and experimented a bit. It was very easy to use. I don't think I ever took a peek at the directions once. You just plug it in and wait for it to get warm then fill your bread with your fixens and press it in there. You do have to be carefull not to over fill your sandwhiches though, because it can make clean up a real pain! But the Wolfgang press did exactly what it said it would do and made some pretty decent paninis. After a while I did grow bored with it so now it just sits in my cupboard un-used! This would be great for a college kid in a dorm, but now I basically pan fry anytime I want a warm sandwhich! This would be fun for children as long as they are monitored, but it is not a necesity to have by any means! Average is the perfect word for it! Clean up really is a pain too! I can live without it!


Green Bay, WI


Way more than just a panini maker!


This has been a must have in our kitchen.  My wife and I love food of all cultures and we have made just about everything with this.  It (and each of its accessories) comes with recipes and we tried them all!  Needless to say they were all delicious...  Grilling is part of our lifestyle but we live in a place that gets VERY cold at times and this grill helps us keep our food souls healthy.


Philippi, WV


I absolutely love my Wolfgang Puck Panini Maker & Grill.


I absolutely love my Wolfgang Puck Panini Maker & Multipurpose Grill. It helps me make the most delicious, thick panini sandwiches that are so good and which are better than any I have ever eaten in a restaurant.  The hinged top portion of the grill can adjust to and accommodate the thickest sandwich you assemble.  The panini grill toasts your bread, giving you great grill  marks, melts the cheese and all without having to turn your sandwiches over.  If I only used my  grill for making sandwiches, this would be one of my favorite kitchen appliances, but I use it for much more.  Chicken and burgers good wonderful on the grill.  The plates are removable and are easily cleaned in my dishwasher.  I also purchased the optional waffle plates and I am so glad that I chose to do so. The Wolfgang grill makes wonderful waffles, crispy on the outside and cooked perfectly on the inside.  My friend had a Wolfgang Puck Panini grill and the first time she made me a panini sandwich I said I have to have one of these panini grills.  Everyone in my family smiles when I say we are having panini sandwiches today.  If you want a good panini sandwich made to your own special preferences and better than anything you can get in a sandwich shop or restaurant, I recommend the Wolfgang Puck Panini Maker & Multipurpose Grill.  Read the recipes and instructions that come with the grill, and then create the best panini sandwiches you can think of.  Enjoy!


small town, OH


The Wolfgang Puck Panini Maker is my favorite small appliance!!


I received the Wolfgang Puck Panini Maker and Multipurpose Grill as a gift and I've thanked my friend dozens of times because I use this wonderful appliance at least once a week! First, it's a breeze to clean! This panini maker features removable nonstick grill plates that can be washed in the dishwasher. A special nylon brush included with the appliance makes cleaning off melted cheese very easy; usually a short soak and a little brushing cleans the grill plates right off. It comes with a recipe book and cooking guide; I've used it for paninis, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken and pork chops; sandwiches are crunchy and meats tender and juicy. Foods cook quickly because of the dual heat sources. The adjustable heat allows you to cook quickly or slow down the process. The plates make appetizing grill marks on your sandwiches and meats. The Wolfgang Puck Panini Maker has a wipe-clean stainless steel exterior and a locking mechanism that allows you to store it upright in a cabinet, saving shelf space. It's a heavy duty workhorse that has had a lot of use in my kitchen and still looks and works like brand new. I highly recommend this product!


Waldorf, MD


Wolfgang Puck Panini grill is versatile and easy to maintain


The  purchase of  my Wolfgang Puck panini grill was to replace an old standard countertop indoor grill.  As a rult I do not purchase items based on celebrity attachment; however upon  recommendation of a respected family member who is very quality conscious.  My relative raved so about their own paninin grill and I had chance to sample  cuisine prepared on the grill that I was imporessed. Shortly (a coupleofmonths)  after,  I  purchased the Puck grill and have been very happy with the product's performance for the past 12 months.


Bronx, NY


Great grilled Italian sandwiches and so much more!


Another Wolfgang Puck product you ask?  Absolutely!  The newest addition to my Wolfgang Puck collection is the **Wolfgang Puck Panini Duet Panini Maker & Multipurpose Grill.  **I received it as a birthday gift the beginning of this month and I love it.  It makes fantastic sandwiches and I can even grill hamburgers, steaks or chicken in it.  Making bacon is a breeze!  In case anyone is wondering exactly what a Panini is, according to the brochure I received with this unit, the English translation of Panini means little breads, or rolls and is equated with sandwiches.  In the United States, Panini has come to denote a grilled Italian sandwich.    **The Panini Maker/Grill** According to the manufacturer, this product comes with the following features:  - 1500 watts - Removable drip tray - Nylon cleaning brush - Grill-safe scraping/cleaning tool - Grill plates are dishwasher safe; wipe-clean base - Grill plates measures approx. 12-1/4"L x 10-1/4"W - Measures approx. 14"L x 15"W x 6"H overall - Model # BCGL0035 - Comes with manufacturer's 1 year limited warranty **My Experience** My first thought when I opened up my chrome-plated Panini Maker for the first time was how attractive looking it was.  The second thought was how compact it was which meant it wouldn't take up too much counter space.   One the first questions that came to my mind was if the unit would flatten my Italian bread when making a Panini or even regular bread when making a grilled cheese sandwich.  It seemed as though when the top half of the maker was shut that it would smush the bread but when I tried it for the first time, the Italian bread came out perfectly grilled with lines and was not at all flattened.  The sandwich took like three minutes max to cook, the cheese was perfectly melted and the sandwich tasted fantastic.   To use the grill, it must be preheated.  While it is preheating, a red light will be on and when the process is completed, the red light will turn off and a green one will turn on letting you know that preheating is complete.  Always make sure you have the drip cup in place before cooking or you will have quite a mess on your counter.  We have cooked hamburgers, chicken and steak on this unit and all came out cooked evenly and juicy and because the meat is cooking on both sides at once, the cooking time is cut in half.  There is no temperature control therefore it is kind of a guessing game to know when your food is done.  After the first few times though, you kind of know how long to cook each item.  Bacon is another great item to cook on this grill.  The bacon sizzles to perfection and the greasy mess is so easy to clean up.  To clean, just remove the grill plates as instructed in the instruction manual and hand wash them in warm soapy water or they can even be placed in the dishwasher.  These grill plates are coated so be sure to use a nylon brush or other utensil safe for nonstick surfaces. **Final Thoughts** I have only had my panini maker/grill since the beginning of May but use it quite frequently.  I have read many negative reviews over at HSN.com, but I haven't experienced any problems with mine yet.  If I do, I will update my review but as of now, I love my new Wolfgang product and at this point, recommend it.  I give it a 4 star rating for being so versatile and attractive.   *****Here are some other quality Wolfgang Puck products that I have reviewed if you are interested in reading:***       [Wolfgang Puck Mixing Bowl Sets][1] , [Wolfgang Puck Cookware Products][2] , [Wolfgang Puck Bistro 4-Piece 8-Qt. Pasta Cooker][3] , [Wolfgang Puck Bistro Pepper Mill][4] , [Wolfgang Puck Bistro 7-piece Stainless Utensil Set][5] , [Wolfgang Puck Signature Series 5-piece Santoku Cutlery Set][6]    [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Wolfgang-Puck-Mixing-Bowl-Sets-How-Do-They-Compare-review-68881 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Wolfgang-Puck-Cookware-Products-review-7f022 [3]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Wolfgang-Puck-Bistro-4-Piece-8-Qt-Pasta-Cooker-review-05dc [4]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Wolfgang-Puck-Bistro-Pepper-Mill-review-8426 [5]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Wolfgang-Puck-Bistro-7-piece-Stainless-Utensil-Set-754-514-review-a3db [6]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Wolfgang-Puck-Signature-Series-5-piece-Santoku-Cutlery-Set-review-bfbc


Somewhere in, NY


Works great for me!


I bought Wolfgang's largest Panini Maker first. I can grill two large steaks, onion rings and a big bunch of asparagus all at the same time...I love that Press! (grills do not come off on large one).  I wanted a smaller one. When Wolf offered the Duet I jumped at it. I have had no problems with it...sorry other did.  Mine is fabulous. I love grilled veggies like eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms and they come out delicious. I even grill sliced apples with cinnamon to put over ice cream...yummy. I just wish He would offer griddle plates. Other than that, It's perfect for my grilling needs.


McAfee, NJ


Favorite new kitchen gadget


I received this grill as a gift, so I don't know what the cost of this item is.  But I LOVE this panini press.  It is oh so easy to set up, and I use it to grill sandwiches, meats, and vegetables.  The open hinge design allows for any sandwich height.  It is FAST, too.  Because it cooks on both the top and bottom, it can grill chicken tender strips for sandwiches in about four minutes.  The cooking grates are easy to snap into place, and remove easily for washing (I stick them right in the dishwasher).  I have been exceedingly pleased with this appliance!      


Vancouver, WA


Wolfgang Puck Panini Duet & Multipurpose Grill

4.4 9