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Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck Cafe Collection Slow Cooker

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Great Crockpot for a Large Family!


This slow cooker is great! We have a large family that includes 4 boys, 3 being 14...so I have to cook in large quantities. This pot gets it done! It is large enough to cook for our whole family, and it seems to cook pretty fast. It is really easy to figure out and it looks really modern and sleek. I love it and would definitely recommend it! Time to Heat Heats pretty fast. Cooking Performance Always cooks well with no problems. Ease of Cleaning Easy to wipe out or put in the dishwasher. Either way is easy. Ease of Use Not hard to figure out...no manual needed, really. Design Nice sleek, modern design. Durability We have had it a year, and it has held up fine so far!



I love my cafe collection crockpot.


I absolutly love my Cafe Collection crockpot by Wolfgang Puck.  I received it as a Christmas gift in 2007.  I use it for everything from beans to roast beef and vegetables.  It has a countdown timer on the cooking settings when the cooking is finished it automaticaly turns itself to the warm setting keeping your food worm until you are ready for dinner.  I can set the cook timer before leaving for the day and when I get home dinner is all ready.  The crock lifts out of the cooker making it easy to serve from or carry to a dinner in the insulated carrying case.  The size is wonderful.  Most crock pots I have used are small making it hard to prepare an entire meal in one pot but this on is large enough for my family of 6, it will even hold enough for extras.  The removable crock is dishwasher safe making clean up simple.  The size can be a draw back when trying to fit it into the dishwasher.  It has to be placed in just a certin way so it will wash.

Webb City, MO


Wolfgang Puck Cafe Collection Slow Cooker

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