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Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker

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my bistro collection bread maker stopped workinf after few


i need help fixing it


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This was a gift and I was so excited to get it. After the first use the bread was very uneven but I thought I did something wrong. The second time I was very careful to follow the directions but got the same results. The third time I found the problem. It was only using one of the paddles and the dough stayed at that end while it baked. So if I was going to bake something that didn't have to be kneeded I would use it. I've used it around a dozen times. For some reason yesterday it started kicking off the breaker. I tried other outlets but it did the same thing. So now it's in the trash. Ease of Use After the kneeding I had to reshape the dough because it was always balled up at one end or the other and that didn't make for a good loaf of bread..



Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker


I bought this bread maker after seeing a whole bunch of demos on Home Shopping Network. I was replacing a bread maker that I paid 25 bucks for. yes this one does better. There is quite a learning curve on how to use this bread maker. I ended up getting the companion recipe book to help me learn what I was doing wrong. I learned you need to use bread flour (yup, there is a difference) If I follow the recipe I never fail but I am having problems with consistency. One loaf of bread looks like it needs to be photographed and the next looks like a science experiment. The dual paddles help a lot with mixing, my last machine had the paddle on one end vs the bottom of the loaf like this one. I also found that even tho I am not at an elevated environment I needed to add more wet ingredients than what the recipe calls for. I like how the top of this is a clear window so I just need to throw a flash light on it to see how the raw dough is rising w/o losing temperature.

Addison, IL


I really love Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker!!


I really love the Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker!! It is a really great product. I know that it can be somewhat expensive to buy but I bought mine pre-used so it was a lot cheaper. And it works just as great. I don't care for the recipe book that it came with. I tried the white bread recipe but it called for way too much salt and the bread tasted awful. But I have found some great recipes online and this bread machine works great. I love homemade bread but I don't like putting in all the work. So having this bread machine is a great thing. I get the homemade bread and without all the kneading. It has a lot of different settings that you can put it on. You can make all different kinds of bread and if you just need some dough you can make that too. You can set the bread machine to make your bread light, medium or dark. The bread machine is rather large so you get a large loaf of bread. If anyone is looking for a bread machine I would definitely recommend the Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker!

Milo, IA


Wolfgang Puck Bread Maker

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