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Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Stainless Steel 11-Inch Saute Pan

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A descent pan


I'm not to complain about this pan because it has been working for me for the past several years. It was given to me as a gift and I was just moving into my new home, yes!! It became a hobby to clean the pan while it was still hot to avoid the extra scrubbing, but thanks mother-in-law! Doesn't Stick The only way I don't get my food to stick to the pan is by adding butter or cooking spray! Heat Distribution I heats up well and evenly. it doesn't even some up. Great for sautéing vegetables and shrimp. Ease of Handling The good thing about it is that the handle is cool to where I can pick it up. The extra handle on the other ends helps supports as well. Ease of Cleaning I would suggest cleaning right after using it. The food is very hard to come off after the pan cools. Design It has a elegant look. I would rather just have it hanging for show than for cooking. Durability Ok my husband sat my pan in the oven. I don't remember what he was cooking, but it made it through them few hours of torture. Usually handles tend to ware down after using pans in a oven but this one is still standing!



Hefty Stainless Sauté Pan


This stainless steel sauté pan replaced a non-stick frying pan, and I am very pleased with the outcome. This pan has a heavy bottom, and sturdy handles. I donated the lid that came with it because I already had one I really liked that fit this pan. The lid it came with felt flimsy compared to the pan. Sticking can be a problem, but such is the nature of stainless steel pans. But, for me, sticking is better than imbuing teflon into my cooking. Doesn't Stick Of course food will stick, but there are a few things I do to try to minimize the sticking. In most cases, I make sure the pan is super hot before putting the food into it, and/or put sufficient cooking oil down before the food. Heat Distribution I have an electric range, and this pan is larger than the big burner, so I'm sure a different stove would heat the pan more evenly than mine. Ease of Cleaning Greasy foods come right off with a little hot, soapy soak and a plastic scrubby. The only time I had a stain that was hard to clean was when I made mole from a granulated mix. A small amount burned on in one spot, and no amount of elbow grease would budge it. My solution was a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste. I sprinkled the baking soda on the pan, then poured a little hydrogen peroxide over it and rubbed it in with the scrubber side of a sponge. It came right off and the rest of my pan was sparkling like brand new.

Snohomish, WA


Good saute pan but not even close to the best.


I purchased this saute pan as an all in one stove top pan before i really started cooking. At the time i though it was great. I purchased this pan at TJ Maxx for about half of full price. The main reason i purchased it was because it had the name wolfgang puck and it was very shiny. After cooking more and more and upgrading to bigger and better things i've come to realize that this was simply a mediocre product. The issues i had with the pan was that the heat distribution was not the greatest out toward the edge of the pan. At first i thought it was a trademark of every pan over electric but after switching to a different brand found that this issue disappeared. Another big issue that really took away from the pan was that the handle would get outrageously hot if you were cooking at a medium heat for more than a few minutes. On several occasions i had to put on oven mitts just to get the pan off the burner. Overall this is a good starter pan to use while you are young and on a budget but after cooking for a few years, an upgrade will be necissary



Works better as a decorative piece than a functional one.


My sister-in-law bought me this** Wolfgang Puck 12" Covered Try Me Sauté Pan **as a Christmas gift last year. Having already used and loved Wolfgang Puck products. I was expecting the same high quality but this pan did not live up to my expectations. **The Sauté Pan **This 12" stainless steel sauté pan is 2 1/2" deep. It has a very sturdy, two riveted, stainless steel handle and, for easier lifting, has a second rounded stainless steel loop handle on the opposite side. Adding to the attractiveness to this pan is a clear glass cover with a stainless steel handle. The pan and cover have a modern look and a surprisingly heavy weight. I attempted to weigh this pan on my regular bathroom scale but it would not register. I would estimate the weight of this pan with cover as being between 3 and 4 pounds. This pan is NOT a non-stick pan. The bottom of the pan says "Cafe Collection" and lists the stainless steel as 18/10. The packaging insert states that there is an encapsulated aluminum disc in the base which gives you more even heating and cooking. It says that you can cook using lower than normal temperatures, reducing hot spots that cause burning, and saves on energy as well. This particular pan is dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended. It is oven safe to 400 degrees with the glass lid on and also comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. **My Experience **When I originally received this pan, I was very impressed with its heavy weight but, after actually cooking with the pan, it appears that the weight of it really is a double-edged sword. The heavier weight does make the pan durable and foods cook more evenly but I find it to be much too hard to handle. I can't lift this with one hand and always need to use the second side handle. Most of the time, my food sticks to the pan even when coated with butter, oil or cooking spray. It could be that I am using the pan on a heat setting that is too high since I am not used to this type of weighted pan, but my husband has the same problem and he is more familiar with this type of cookware. DO NOT attempt to make pancakes or eggs in this pan. I did and what a disaster. I am a bad enough cook but this was almost laughable. The food stuck so badly that I had to let the pan soak for an entire day and night before I could clean it. I guess when it says sauté pan ... it means it! I also have to add that the handles of the pan and the lid tend to get very hot and cannot be handled without potholders. This is totally against the manufacturer's claims that the handles and lid are "stay cool". They stay cool only when not in use! Also, because of the heavy weight and the tendency for foods to stick, it is a bear to wash. When washing, I stay away from abrasive steel wool or gritty cleaners and I generally let the pan soak to loosen the stuck on food and then use my usual sponges and brushes to finish the job. From time to time, I use a household stainless steel cleaner to keep my pan looking shiny and new. Although there are a number of negative factors with this sauté pan, there are also positives. You can cook a huge amount of food in the deep, large pan. I have used it to cook hamburger meat for spaghetti, pork chops for the whole family, and some great stir frys. It is a good pan for large parties when quantity of food to cook is high. However, many pans can do that without the weight, very hot handles, and sticking issues. **Conclusion **This** Wolfgang Puck 12" Covered Try Me Sauté Pan **has some positive features but is overall more of a handful than helpful. I do like the look, the name, and the durability but am very disappointed with the sticking of the food, the hotness of the handles, and how difficult it is to handle. For the reasons stated above, I am giving this product a 2 star rating. There are plenty of other products from Wolfgang that are sure to please and you can check them out at HSN.com and other outlets that sell Wolfgang Puck products. I wouldn't recommend this pan to anyone. It's really more trouble than it's worth unless you just want a decorative pan that looks nice sitting on your counter or stove.

Somewhere in, NY


Perfect in Every Way!


I bought this pan about four weeks ago having called it quits as far as non-stick cookware is concerned. I needed a large stainless steel pan and decided to purchase the Wolfgang Puck 11" Saute Pan. I absolutely love it so far. I try to wash it by hand because according to the label, it helps it keep its shine.  I love the way the pan looks and the way the lid fits right on. I love that the lid is clear so that I don't have to lift the lid up to check on how brown the food is. Lifting the lid loses some of the heat. I love the box handle on one side. None of my other pans have this but I am sold on this function! No matter how hot the pan is, that handle stays cool! I don't have to worry about burning my hand. The pan is large (what do you expect for an 11" pan?), but I found it to be no problem to wash in my normal size sink. I find it a good value for the price and it certainly beats non-stick cookware any day!

Charlotte, NC


Saving Time with Wolfgang


Wolfgang Puck's 12 inch fry pan has saved me Loads of Time!  The heat is transferred evenly and  quickly. It maintains its heat, and frying is a snap. It is not difficult to clean. I have not had anything stick! I do use a stainless steel cleaner, mostly for appearance sake. The novice cook might have to get accustom to finding the right heat setting, but once that is accomplished, you will love it!

Huntersville, NC


Better than all the rest!


Over the years I've collected many brands of cookware; An entire Scan Pan set, numerous All-Clad SS pots and pans, a Calphalon wok and so on. Now that I'm 50+ my hands and wrists are getting weaker. I've had some serious accidents when I lost my grip on some of these heavy cookware pieces.  AND THEN I FOUND WOLFGANG PUCK! The quality is there without the excess heaviness and he often adds helper handles...THANK YOU WOLF! He added strong, hollow handles which keep them cool to the touch and lightens the piece up. They cook evenly, are incredibly easy to clean, safe to handle, look great and are very reasonable priced. I couldn't ask for more. I am sure all my future purchases, be they for me or for gifts, will display the signature of this infamous Chef, Wolfgang Puck. BTW: This  12" Covered Saute Pan is one of my favorites.

McAfee, NJ


Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Stainless Steel 11-Inch Saute Pan

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