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Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck 12-Cup Wide Mouth Food Processor

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Wolfgang Puck Processor


Absolutely love it ! This is one of the easiest products I have used, as well as the simple storage and space saving compartment underneath the base! Power I make a lot of compound butters and ice creams and it works great ! Safety love the locking lid! Ease of Assembly Great storage of accessories

Sandusky, OH


This is the greatest processor I have ever owned


When I first saw the wolfgang puck processor on television I knew I just had to have one. It is the best time saving machine I have out of all my appliances. Who would have thought that one processor could do all the things that this processsor does. It is great for making cole slaw, it get the cabbage and carrots to just the right size. When I do my holiday baking, I can not believe and fast it takes the graham crackers and make them into crumbs, this also works well for home made bread crumbs. Chopping nut in my older hand pump chopper is now a thing of the past, I can put three times as many nuts into the processor and in a matter of seconds, they are done. Slicing of celery ,cucumbers and even zucchini is a pleasure now, and I am making alot more nutrious meals with it. Who like to cut onions, no one with all the watery eyes. Now just place them in the processor and wow like magic I can do 4-5 onions with shedding one tear. I like the safety lid, so when the kids are helping if its not closed properly it will not turn on. A big a plus to the wolfgang puck food processor, I love mine.

Erie, PA


wolfgang Puck 750 watt food processer is the best money can buy.


i purchased the 750 watt wolfgang puck food processor  expecting it to be average like the other processor i had owned. boy was i in for a welcome surprise. This is the best of the best. the power is great and can handle any job you need to accomplish. when they say it will crush ice without any effort they were right. I have mixed heavy cookie dough 2 batches at one time.  wonderful and effortless job. the drawer that holds the attachments is the one of the important features of the processor.  no more going through drawers trying to find the blades and cutters. being organiseis a plus with this processor. you don;t even have to try , it is an automatic thing. please realize i do not give recommendations, only when i truly feel strong about a product.  maybe once a year at the most. If you want t to be completely happy with you purchase and the future of the product, buy a wolfgang puck food processor.    

Inez, KY


Wolfgang Puck 12-Cup Wide Mouth Food Processor

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