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Wisk Deep Clean Free and Pure HE

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wisk really does deep clean!


I have four kids and a husband who come home from school and work smelly, sticky and stained. It is my job as mom to take care of the mess so I use wisk deep clean. wisk really does deep clean, it pulls the ooil and sweat out of my husbands clothes after a long day working the pipeline. and when it comes to my kids I can was the babies clothes in with my husband and my school aged kids and his sensitive skin isn't bothered. wisk works on body odor, sweat, grass stains, blood, mud, dog smell, food coloring stains virtually everything!! I just loved it, I signed up just write this review thank you wisk! I would also like to mention how great the smell is, everytime I go anywhere everyone comments how good I smell and I don't even use perfume due to allergies. this product is great on sensitive skin and just over all the best detergent I have ever used hands down. they also have wisk for the he washers, I used them at work for my bosses bed sheets and it removed the urine without stains or smells left behind. Performance This detergent works so well I buy it every time I got to the store! Scent the smell is great it works fabulously!!!



Wisk Deep Clean Free and Pure HE

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